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Why is Application Security Important?

application security

What is Application Security? 

Application security is a method of protecting your applications against cyberattacks by implementing software security practices. Application security has become all the more important today because of the changes in the software development lifecycle. For instance, using open source components and third-party applications is the norm now. 

Since there are so many risks involved in using applications, businesses should consider implementing application security.

What is App security?

Application security is the process of making applications more secure by identifying and implementing measures to prevent them from security vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access, data modification, etc. It mainly includes security measures during the app development process, but it also encompasses protective measures protecting devices running your apps after they are deployed.

Types of Application Security

Static Application Security Testing 

Scanning your source code is a big part of keeping your app safe and secure. Static Analysis tools check the source code by inspecting programming instructions and behavior without executing or simulating it. Unlike dynamic analyses like fuzzing, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Tests, which require a working program to be potentially vulnerable to input injection and network attacks, static analysis tools point out the specific places in the code that are risky. This insight available early in development teams can significantly reduce their risk as they quickly prioritize security fixes before shipping their product.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

DAST or black-box security testing is one of the most common forms of application testing out there. It’s defined as analyzing an application from the outside while knowing nothing about it. That means while performing DAST, you don’t consider any frameworks or techniques used while developing the application in itself. This is opposed to SAST which requires some knowledge of how specific technologies are used for building applications if they’re not implicitly built atop of necessary coding languages like HTML5, Java, C++, etc. DAST tests by executing an already existing application to uncover run-time and environment-related vulnerabilities once it infiltrates the app at its core levels.

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

IAST’s Dynamic Application Security Testing is a crucial tool for organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. IAST provides scalable and robust solutions that enable these organizations to keep up with fast-paced development cycles and provide optimal security as code (i.e., as applications are developed).

Why is Application security important?

Safety and Security

In today’s security landscape, increasingly more companies are prone to be attacked by cybercriminals, often struggling to survive in this cut-throat competitive industry once data breaches or theft take place.

The best way to protect clients from cyberattacks is by providing assurance. This can be done by implementing application security measures that help companies trust their organization to secure client data or sensitive information that they may hold about or for their customer. This then comes into effect again as a reinforcement of trust between themselves and the client, driving growth in the business and profits. It is found that 25% of a company’s market value comes directly from its reputation.

Data security is a major concern for many businesses because their information is confidential and might be used against them. Businesses may have to go great lengths to assure customers that their data will never get out, including banking, healthcare, and credit card companies.

Meet Security Compliance and Regulations

App security is extremely important, especially for apps that deal with the data of Customers. 

It helps you comply with security standards and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc., that might be mandated by cybersecurity law. Security compliance can be a daunting task, but utilizing application development best practices and being conscious of the latest technologies will provide you with a platform for success.


One of the main goals is to protect customers who use the application. The more secure the application, the more customers will be comfortable using it. AppSec is not just about protecting customers, but also protecting the business’s reputation. When app security fails, the business is often blamed for the failure.

AppSec is a hot topic in the Software industry, and many companies are investing a lot of money into it. The reason is that if security is not taken care of at the beginning of the process, it can be a nightmare to fix the problem later if it’s even fixable. 

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