What is Sales Enablement, and Why is it Important?

Sales Enablement

The modern workplace faces many challenges in revenue, productivity, customer churn, sale cycle period, employee attrition, etc. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, it is crucial to provide your workforce with a handful of best practices, tools, resources, and knowledge to be successful. Luckily, the sales enablement process exists for the same reason. Sales enablement helps your sales team to accomplish their goals. 

Enterprises with effective sales enablement programs have a 23% higher lead conversion rate, 32% higher sales quota accomplishment, and 24% higher individual quota attainment.

The fundamental objective of a sales enablement strategy is to offer your sales professionals with mandatory resources they need to engage a customer throughout the buying process successfully. In simple terms, it is the process of providing your sales force with the content, information, and tools that streamline the sales process effectively. 

75% of enterprises utilizing sales enablement tools claim higher sales in the last year, while 59% of companies outpaced their revenue goals. It has a powerful, long-term impact on business success. Indeed, sales enablement today is no longer an option for companies. In today’s economy, it is vital for business growth, success, and survival. 

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a strategic process of providing your sales team with the required knowledge, content, guidance, and training to effectively engage the prospects and customers. It streamlines the business operations, performance, and revenue by providing your sales and marketing teams with data-driven insights. Effective sales training tools and strategies focus primarily on customers and prospects by letting sales professionals target the right audience and drive engagement using appropriate content resources. 
For making selling extremely easy, it is vital to educate your sales team about the buyer’s journey. Give your team access to content that your prospects and customers want to read—implementing helpful software like CRM, project management software, or analytics to make your team stay on top of their business insights and customer relationships.

Understanding the Importance of Sales Enablement Strategies

Sales enablement plays an essential role in enhancing the sales of an organization. One of the best sales enablement practices is designating the team’s best performers as leaders of the sales training programs.

It can help upgrade your B-level and C-Level employees to increase their contributions to the enterprise. In a traditional sales model, sales managers invest in their top 20% of high-performing sales representatives who deliver 80% of the team quota. The rest of the sales team is left to manage for themselves. However, with sales training strategies and tools, every team member has access to content articles, videos, or training to help them upgrade their skills for better performance. With this, the average employees no longer depend on the high-performing and efficient employees to hit their targets. 

Furthermore, sales enablement is a competitive necessity today. Sales professionals need to have the right content to attract suitable customers and keep them engaged. Indeed, today’s buyers have changed a lot as things moved to digital platforms. Sales conversations moved from physical to digital, with content available across numerous platforms. 

The traditional sales solutions dramatically reduced sales team effectiveness and performance. 

Sales representatives struggled to find the right content for their prospects and customers, which reduced selling time. On the other hand, marketers were not aware of content performance and struggled to discover the sales team’s requirements. 

To overcome all these challenges, vendors started developing sales enablement strategies to give sales teams access to the right type of content they need to hit targets. 

Let’s look at the following infographic to understand the importance of sales enablement and how it can help boost business performance.

Sales Enablement: Best Practices

There are numerous sales enablement best practices that you can quickly implement. However, we recommend you implement the following strategies for effective results. 

Define Objectives:

Your sales program should provide your sales representatives with the complete knowledge they need to attract, engage and retain prospects and customers throughout the buyer’s journey. While defining specific objectives, ensure you focus on the following things:

  • Provide your employees with detailed information about your products and services
  • Sharing best sales practices from top sales professionals
  • Development of specific sales skills for better business results

Focus on Customer Experience:

67% of customers churn because of bad experiences. Therefore, it is crucial to focus your sales enablement strategies to improve customer experience and satisfaction. For instance, you can make your sales team personalize their customer communications, feedback and provide value and solutions to them via tools to enhance user adoption before sales. In other words, a customer-centric approach is very crucial for engaging clients and building healthy relationships. 

The two crucial aspects to consider in this stage are:

  • Ensure your sales team understand buyers and buyer’s journey
  • Ensure to map sales training to buying journey

Share Compelling Content with your buyers:

Engaging content is one of the best ways to engage and bring value to your customers. You can quickly build long-term relationships with your customers by sharing high-quality content relevant to your customer’s needs. Ensure your sales team has access to all the relevant content which they can share with their customers. Consequently, you can accurately map out the most critical stages of the sales cycle. 

Additionally, daily follow-ups, emails, sharing content, or onboarding templates can help you establish good relationships with your customers and assist you in closing your deals more effectively. 

Make Sales Enablement a part of your Workplace Culture.

You can make your team adapt to the constantly evolving sales process and buyer’s journey by making sales training a necessary part of your workplace learning process. Encourage your sales representatives to attend workshops, events, conferences, etc., by showing that you value their professional growth. 

However, on the other hand, you also need to ensure that your sales force doesn’t forget what they have learned. You can use tools like Gamification, Social Learning, weekly newsletters, blended learning to enhance learning retention rates and boost engagement. 

How to select a sales enablement solution?

To select an effective sales enablement solution, KloudLearn recommends you follow the following steps:

Gather requirements: Collect your team’s pain points and specific needs to enhance their sales process. 

Look for available Inventory options: Research available sales enablement tools and solutions.

Pay attention to testimonials: Check testimonials and stories from businesses similar to yours.

Ensure Scalability: Compare various pricing options and plan for business growth. the 

Evaluate Content Management: Confirm multimedia content support for your sales enablement program.

Examine Analytics: Inspect the information that you receive from content tracking, measurement, and monitoring. 

Try Cross-team Workflows: Confirm marketing and sales collaboration and social learning features. 

Audit Mobile Experience: Review sales enablement solutions across multiple devices, including mobiles, tablets, and desktops. 

An effective sales enablement solution ensures that your customers and prospects are targeted and engaged at the right time and place. Additionally, a well-trained sales team and the right content offer a top-notch customer experience while utilizing the right sales techniques. 

Sales enablement helps you streamline the sales process by moving opportunities forward, increasing pipelines, closing high-impact deals, and driving profitable growth and revenue. 

Why Choose KloudLearn?

Sales enablement has become a competitive edge in today’s dynamic work environment. Providing your sales representatives with sales enablement training will increase their productivity and business profit. KloudLearn helps you deliver effective sales training to hit your sales goals. KloudLearn’s Content Library gives you access to a wide array of high-quality training content. You can select from thousands of interactive courses covering various topics like Customer Relationship, Sales Marketing, Winning high-impact deals, Customer Experience, Customer Service, and much more. Click here to learn more.

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