Beginner’s Guide to Understand Personalized learning in Online Training.

Personalized Learning

Managing training for a large workforce is not an easy task. HR and L&D teams get so focussed on overall training methodologies that they often fail to realise individual learner needs. And with remote work becoming a norm in 2021, the need to understand learning requirements on an individual level has become necessary. This is where personalized learning comes into the picture and helps employees learn with ease. 

This beginner’s guide to understanding personalized learning in online training will provide you with a brief but succinct overview of what personalized learning is. It will also explain what the advantages are, and how you can use personalized learning to improve your online learning.


Defining Personalized Learning

As the name suggests, personalized learning is changing and curating the learner’s learning path by understanding the learning needs of the individual. Personalized learning helps meet the preferences and interests of the learner.

In personalized learning, the learner’s past knowledge, abilities and learning experiences are taken into account to provide training material that best help to understand the training.  

Now that we have an idea of what personalized learning means, let us look at some of the benefits it has in an online training environment.

Advantages of Personalized learning 

Enhanced Employee Motivation

With personalized learning, employees will have more freedom to choose a learning path that best suits them. This autonomy of choice will help in increasing the motivation towards learning. As employees will be highly motivated to learn the courses of their choice that utilizes their learning capabilities. 

Increased Employee Engagement

One of the biggest advantages of personalized learning is that it helps in keeping the learner engaged. Higher learning engagement results in better retention of the information. Employees learn more effectively, concluding in a successful training program.

Reduced Time Wastage

Training programs often have a linear approach. Sometimes, employees have to go through course materials & information that they already know. This can lead to wastage of time and reduce engagement levels. 

You can optimize your time utilization by assessing your employees’s learning needs beforehand. Simple assessment tools in the form of surveys or quizzes can help you determine what your learners already know. You can also provide recommendations based on the results of your quizzes or surveys.

Better Learning Results

Many studies have shown that personalized learning has yielded better results. This is unsurprising as it improves learner engagement, motivation and reduces time wastage. It makes learning more memorable and provides content that is relevant to the employee. 

How to use Personalized Training for Your Online Training

Post the outbreak of the pandemic, remote working has become a necessity rather than a luxury. This has also led to organizations becoming more technology dependent than ever before. This jump in technology allows us to make personalized learning for online training possible. Listed below are 5 ways in which you can design personalized training for online learning.

Nurture Social Learning & Social Engagement

There are various benefits to cultivate & foster social learning while personalizing the learning process. Employees interact with each other, learn from each other. This creates an informal learning environment, which aids in strengthening the information taught during the training program. Check out this previous blog to understand why social learning is important

You can develop social learning and create social engagement amongst employees by employing collaborative learning practices via discussion. Make use of tools such as chat boxes, discussion boards, even social media platforms. Leverage these tools as checkpoints to provide learning in smaller modules. 

Implement Advanced Learning Analytics

Use the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics to assist in personalized learning. Adaptive Learning is one of the best methods to provide a personalized learning experience. 

Adaptive learning with the help of an LMS analyses and tracks the learning activities of the learner. Thus gathering data about the learner and using the same to customize the learning. To put it simply, it works in the following way:

  • Adaptive learning keeps a track of the employee’s actions with the course. This includes duration, access time, attempts to complete assessments and many others. 
  • It helps determine the employee’s weaknesses and strengths with respect to the course
  • Adaptive learning uses these data points to suggest learning paths that are unique and tailored to their preferences. 

To know more, check out our blog on implementing adaptive learning in an organization.

Blended Learning for Online Training

Blended learning is not just a simple mix of online training with an instructor-led training format. There’s more to it than what meets the eye. Blended learning includes a plethora of techniques such as social learning, guided learning, performance support, mobile learning and many more.

Having a blended learning approach will let employees have the choice & flexibility on their learning process. They would not have to depend on a classroom or virtual classroom based training. They can mix and match various learning processes to get the best results out. 

Make Personalized Learning Entertaining 

Remote working has made work life balances a bit lop-sided. Employees now are working and training from home. This has accelerated the need to make learning more entertaining. Many studies have stated the importance of making training programs entertaining in nature to drive engagement and retention. 

While combining education with entertainment sounds fun, and it is, how does one go about executing it? The task of delivering important information while retaining the learner’s focus and attention is not easy. So how can we  find a solution?

The best and simplest way is by gamification. Using Gamification in e-learning will make employees feel motivated and transform the learning experience into a fun activity. Using elements such as ranks, titles, leaderboards give the learner a sense of accomplishment.

Enable Self-Directed Learning

Self directed learning is the best way to make learners stay invested in their learning. Adults learn in a different way than children. They bring their own learning experiences on the table and pursue training with different goals in mind.

Of course, you will have control over the learning material and the content they have to learn. But giving them the freedom of time and learning method choices will help in resulting in having higher success rates. Thereby further developing personalized learning. 

Here are some of the ways you can make online training self directed:

  • Use a Learning Management System (LMS):  LMS can provide access to many courses, allowing you to complete them from any device. It is a convenient option and one that needs attention in the post pandemic work scenario. 
  • Use Microlearning: Break down your large chunks of training modules into smaller formats. 
  • Provide Access to Mobile Learning: Mobile learning would make the learning more portable and engaging. It would also facilitate remote learning.

Summing Up

Every individual has their own way of learning and processing information. It is important to consider these preferences to identify their strengths and weaknesses to deliver personalized learning. It is a demand of the 21st Century learning process and as such must be delivered

KloudLearn helps you in delivering a personalized learning experience to enhance your training program. Use our Course Authoring Tools to design courses tailored to your employee needs. Generate analytics & assessment reports to understand employee’s strengths and weaknesses. 

KloudLearn’s recommendation engine will automatically create a personalized learning environment. To know more about how to deliver a seamless learning experience, visit KloudLearn or schedule a demo today.

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