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What is the Function of HR in Cyber Security Training?

HR in cyber security

It’s easy to assume that the only department responsible for cyber security and cyber security training is the IT department. However, that would be a gross mistake to put that responsibility only on that department. HR also plays a vital role in cyber security training. Companies should ensure that there is a joint effort by the HR and the IT department to be as secure as possible from cyber threats.

The HR department handles and stores a substantial amount of company information that is confidential. They possess a wide variety of information such as employee bank details, payroll information, social security information, personal addresses and so on.  This means that there is an important function of HR in cyber security training. And as such, needs to be handled effectively.

Imagine the damage that might get caused if your organization was attacked and the data was hacked. There have been plenty of examples of these incidents in recent years and the results have been catastrophic. To understand why cyber security is so important, read our blog on the importance of cyber security.

Your employees and even your clients would lose faith in your company if their data was breached and hacked. If important information such as proprietary information or intellectual property data got hacked, your company could lose its competitive advantage and market share.

The function of HR in cyber security training cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Therefore, we need to understand how HR can contribute towards creating an effective cyber security training program. Below are some of the steps compiled that will help you in creating a better process in cyber security training.

Assess the Cyber Security Problems in your organization 

As a starting point, both the IT and the HR department must first assess and evaluate the current state of the organization. They need to identify the types of risks & threats that the company might be vulnerable to. For instance, employees who are working remotely will generally be accessing data with systems that are less secure. In such cases, it should be ensured that there are proper tools in place for employees to use for secure connections and transmissions.

HR departments should also assess who has access to different types of data. Many times, employees will have access to information that they shouldn’t have. Even if the employees might not abuse this data, it could still lead to data theft if their accounts were hacked. Safety procedures should be implemented to avoid such incidents.

By conducting a full assessment of the company and its current processes, it becomes easier to locate where there might be potential issues that need to be addressed. This also helps in curating the cyber security training program that specifically addresses your company problems and aids in solving those issues.

Identify Any Special Requirements

The HR department will need to take into account any special regulations that the company must adhere to. For example, pharmaceutical companies will have to adhere to the guidelines set by the FDA. Make sure that the cyber security training given to the employees covers these topics. It is also important to ensure that the IT department has the proper security measures in place for proper compliance of regulations.

You will also need to remember that with technological changes, the threats will also change and evolve. You will need to keep up with these changes. With the help of an LMS, you can stay on top of these changes and ensure safety of your company data.

Employees Must Understand the Importance of Cyber Security

One of the best approaches towards data security is by providing some basic cyber security training to all your employees. Conduct training for all employees who have access to systems and sensitive information.

Through these training sessions, employees will understand the importance of cyber security and the need to protect data. They will also learn how to take preventive actions to identify and avoid any threats. This will make employees become the first line of defence in mitigating these cyber-attacks and risks.

Cyber security training needs to become a standard part of the employee training program. Any additional and specific training regarding can then be additionally requisitioned. Employees need to be vigilant about these threats and should possess the basic knowledge to take action against the same.

Regular Training to Keep Up

As mentioned earlier, technologies change. And so do the threats surrounding them. One of the biggest mistakes most HR and IT departments make is that they will have only one training session. For the It department they might have regular training but for other employees they will conduct one training session. Typically during the orientation programs.

 It is important that all employees stay updated to the latest threats. This can be achieved by ensuring that there is an ongoing training program for cyber security.You can achieve this easily with the help of a training software. These software can help you provide refresher and updated training information faster than you having to regularly update it yourself.

It might feel at times that it is difficult to keep up with these changes and no matter how hard you try, there always seems to be some new threat or risk that has emerged. However, for the sake of the safety of the company and its employees, it is crucial that you keep with these matters.

By working in tandem with the IT department, the HR department can get a better insight on how to stay updated with regards to cyber security.

The HR department can collaborate with the IT department to identify the best cybersecurity training software. This will help in ensuring that every employee is aware of the types of security threats and breaches.

Standardize Your Cyber Security Training using KloudLearn 

Creating and constantly updating cyber security training programs can be a time consuming task. You can reduce your time wastage and speed up the delivery of your training by signing up with KloudLearn. KloudLearn’s cyber security training program will equip your employees with tools needed to combat these modern threats.

Our content library has access to over 100K training assets for you to learn from. Elevate your cybersecurity training with the help of KloudLearn. To find out how we can help you achieve your training goals, visit KloudLearn or schedule a demo today.


What role do human resources play in cyber security?

HR is increasingly being asked to help determine and enforce employee data permissions, train and enforce cybersecurity policies and procedures, and respond to cyber events involving employees, in addition to information security/information technology (InfoSec/IT).

What role does HR play in technology?

HR technology (human resources technology) is a broad term that refers to software and hardware used to automate the human resources function in businesses. Payroll and compensation for employees, talent acquisition and management, workforce analytics, performance management, and benefits administration are all covered.

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