Webinar: What is Blended Learning in Corporate Training?


Technology has had a tremendous impact on employee training. Everyday training managers are finding new ways to implement technology in corporate training to drive engagement and productivity in the learning process. Also, 70% of the learners believe that online learning is more effective than traditional classroom training. When you combine both worlds, i.e., traditional classroom training and the self-paced approach of eLearning- you get a Blended Learning model. Blended learning in corporate training offers a hybrid teaching approach by combining formal learning and self-paced learning methodologies. 

Blended learning forms a crucial part of corporate training as remote learning became a new norm post covid pandemic. According to a statistical analysis by Guide2Research, about 34% of large-scale companies and about 25% of Mid-sized companies incorporate blended learning methodologies. Blended learning in corporate training combines the best of both worlds to deliver a more rich, structured, and engaging learning experience to boost your learner engagement and knowledge processing capabilities.

Blended learning in corporate training is essential because it offers your employees more freedom in learning and interacting in their learning environment. The modern blended learning model implements the following two critical learning dimensions into its strategy:

  • Self-Paced Learning (Online Learning)
  • Classroom Learning

Additionally, blended learning increases employee learning retention rates by 60%. It offers your learners an engaging and well-structured learning experience by including two critical principles:

  • Learners who collaborate directly with their teammates to create an enriched and interactive learning experience.
  • Enhancing collaboration between learners by introducing group activities in the training content. 

Blended learning in corporate training is very crucial for implementing engaging learning activities and creating a more personalized learning environment. Correspondingly, KloudLearn’s Zoom integration enables you to deliver online training sessions, instructor-led training, and host webinars from within our LMS. The zoom integration allows you to create more interactive and personalized training experiences and deliver hybrid corporate training. 

Join Kloudlearn in this short 30-minute webinar for an interactive discussion on Blended Learning.

Agenda of the Webinar:

  1. What is Blended Learning?
  2. Traditional Learning VS Blended Learning?
  3. The Blended Learning Models.
  4. Benefits of Blended Learning in Corporate Training.
  5. How to Implement the Blended Learning Strategy Successfully?
  6. How to Select the Best Learning Platform for Blended Learning?

Meaningful Learning can happen anywhere.

KloudLearn enables you to deliver impactful and well-structured corporate training with its intuitive Learning Management System. Implement a blended learning approach with KloudLearn by creating interactive training content using built-in course authoring tools. To learn more, contact us today.

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