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Top 4 Job Opportunities Available With an OSCP Certification

OSCP Certification

OSCP Certification is a  highly specialized and widely known and accepted program that can open new avenues in the domain of information security. The actual value of this certification is aiding in getting an entry-level job in cybersecurity or gaining skills in advanced penetration testing. 

What are the Job Opportunities with OSCP Certification? 

OSCP is an entry-level certification. However, it helps to set up the foundation for a successful career in cybersecurity. Specifically penetration testing. Let us first dive into what the certification is about.

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is a highly specialized qualification aimed at information security professionals interested in pursuing a career in ethical hacking and penetration testing. Although this is an entry-level offensive security certification, candidates are expected to have significant experience in the broader area of ​​information security.

Becoming an OSCP, or  Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), is often the first step in a penetration testing career path. However, before embarking on this career path, candidates should have a solid foundation in information security and network administration. And should possess at least basic scripting and programming skills. As such, it is highly advised that candidates have at least two years of experience in related fields and have earned entry-level certifications.

Without these prerequisites, aspiring candidates are more unlikely to clear the OSCP exam. Even if they pass,  they probably won’t get a  penetration testing job if they only have an OSCP certification. However, becoming an OSCP is a key entry point into penetration testing, which itself is an extremely lucrative and underutilized area of ​​information security.

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Here are some of the job roles where OSCPs are most sought after:

Penetration Tester

Starting with the most obvious, most OSCP certificate holders become penetration testers. A penetration tester works full-time, part-time, or independently, a full-time penetration tester. For example, they can hire a penetration tester to identify vulnerabilities before launching a new software product or service. Project-based penetration testing prices can range from  $4,000 to $15,000 per test.

On the other hand, large tech companies can hire penetration testers long-term, with full-time salaries for OSCPs averaging $93,000 per year in the United States. The most common full-time employment opportunities for certified penetration testers include those with experience in IT service companies such as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). 

Security Consultants

Security Consultants with the growing security skills gap, particularly for smaller organizations, there is a large and growing demand for information security professionals to provide consulting services. 

As organizations shift their focus from conventional and largely reactive security measures to proactive approaches such as ethical hacking and penetration testing, the demand for professional consulting services is growing. Security consultants in the US earn an average of $99,000 per year.

Security Auditors

Even though penetration testing is beyond the scope of traditional security audits, those with only an OSCP credential and perhaps an entry-level cybersecurity credential may find it easier to land a job as a security systems auditor. Those who are already working in the field of security testing are often the best candidates for  OSCP certification.

Security auditing is more generic than penetration testing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a challenging and well-paid job. The average salary for security auditors in the US is $90,000 per year. An OSCP certification can make aspirants more suitable for the job and lead to substantially higher salaries.

Security Engineers

Security engineers go beyond the scope of testing, auditing, and consulting to design solutions that meet an organization’s information security needs. This may also include testing new security features, planning and deploying updates, troubleshooting, repairing, and responding to security incidents. Security engineers who specialize in offensive security measures can even be upskilled in exploit development.

Those desiring to advance their ethical hacking career after earning the OSCP may wish to consider an entry-level placement in Security Engineering. The median base salary in the broader security engineering field is $93,000. Although, it is highly unlikely that firms will hire security engineers with only an OSCP certification. 

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OSCP and Beyond 

The OSCP certification is Offensive Security’s entry-level certification, and earning it is a golden ticket to penetration testing jobs anywhere in the world. 

Offensive Security offers two other penetration testing certifications: Wireless Professional (OSWP) and Experienced Penetration Tester (OSEP). They also offer even more specialized certifications in Web Application Exploitation (OSWE) and Exploit Development for Windows, macOS, and Advanced Windows (OSED, OSMR, and OSEE, respectively). Those who have reached those lofty heights can expect to earn salaries of up to $200,000 per year.


What exactly is an OSCP certificate?

The Offensive Security Certified Professional also known as (OSCP) is an ethical hacking certification that teaches permeation testing methodologies and how to use the tools included with the Kali Linux system (successor of BackTrack)

Is OSCP superior to CEH?

CEH is doing a better job of trying to lay abroad, the fundamental foundation for penetration testing, whereas OSCP verifies the technical skills required for offensive white hat hacking. in terms of importnace both are valuable for certifications that will boost your salary immediately and benefit your long-term career prospects.

Is OSCP more difficult than CEH?

While the OSCP is more difficult to obtain than the CEH, penetration testers who are serious about their careers will find that the OSCP is well worth the extra effort and will benefit them the most in their future career options. Instead, non-penetration testers should look into the CEH.

What does an OSCP earn?

Based on 6 profiles, employees who know Oscp earn an average of 22 lakhs per year, with most salaries ranging from 14 lakhs to 35 lakhs per year. Employees in the top ten percent earn more than 32 lakhs per year.

Does the OSCP certification have an expiration date?

Certifications from Offensive Security, such as the OSCP, do not expire once earned, they are valid indefinitely.

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