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Top 12 Cyber Security Tools to Look out for in 2022

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Cybersecurity tools is one of the top priorities for many companies. Unfortunately, cybercrime is rising due to increased reliance on technology for critical business operations. Successful attacks can have devastating consequences for victims, including loss of money, reputational damage, and customer and business data breaches. In addition, cyberattacks can lead to costly proceedings, and rules like the GDPR can result in high fines totaling millions of dollars. 

  • Cybersecurity includes protecting your network from unauthorized access and attacks, protecting your system from endpoint-based attacks, and encrypting network traffic. 
  • Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure maximum security is to monitor and protect your IT environment from vulnerabilities in your FixCyber. But unfortunately, attackers take advantage of them. To do so, companies need to be familiar with the different cyber security tools and the categories in which they fall. 

To identify potential data breaches and network threats, ethical hacking is a legitimate practice that involves finding vulnerabilities in an application, system, or organization’s infrastructure and getting around system security. Ethical hackers search the system or network to find vulnerabilities that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy. As a result, they can enhance security to withstand attacks better or deflect them.

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Below is a list of Cyber security tools that every organization should have 

Penetration testing tools

Kali Linux

One of the most prevalent cybersecurity tools in Kali Linux. This is an operating system with at least 300 unique security monitoring tools. Organizations can scan for network and IT system vulnerabilities using various Kali Linux tools. The main advantage of Kali Linux is that users can use it with different levels of cybersecurity skills. As a result, you don’t need a highly skilled cybersecurity expert to master it. In addition, most operating system tools are runnable, allowing users to quickly and easily manage and monitor the security of their network systems. 


An excellent collection of various tools for conducting penetration testing exercises can be found in Metasploit. In addition, cybersecurity experts and IT specialists use Metasploit to achieve different security goals. These include locating weak points in networks or systems, developing plans to bolster cybersecurity defense, and managing the results of security assessments.

The security of various systems, including servers, networks, and online or web-based applications, can be tested using Metasploit. As they appear, new security flaws are swiftly identified by Metasploit, providing round-the-clock protection. Additionally, security experts frequently use the tool to assess IT infrastructure security compared to previously reported vulnerabilities.

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Cyber security tools like packet sniffers and password auditing

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel found flaws in Windows operating systems with the help of Cain and Abel. Security experts can find holes in password security of systems using the Windows operating system with the help of Cain and Abel. It has many features, including recording VoIP conversations. Cain and Abel can analyze routing protocols.

In addition, Cain and Abel use brute force attacks to decrypt encrypted passwords and reveal cached passwords and password boxes. This tool is also very good at translating and can decrypt encrypted passwords. For packet sniffing practices, organizations should consider starting with Cain and Abel.


A console-based cybersecurity tool called Wireshark was formerly known as Ethereal. The excellent network protocol analyzer Wireshark is used to perform real-time network security analysis. To detect vulnerabilities, Wireshark analyzes network logs and continuously sniffs the network. Wireshark is a valuable tool for investigating every aspect of network traffic at different levels, from connection to individual data packets. Security experts use Wireshark to capture data packets and examine the properties of individual data packets. The information obtained makes it easy to find security gaps in your network.

John the Ripper

A crucial cyber security tool for assessing password strength is John the Ripper. Agencies need to quickly find weak passwords that can jeopardize the security of protected systems. John the Ripper was initially developed for use in Unix environments. However, it currently works on other platforms such as Windows, DOS, and OpenVMS systems. The program looks for complex ciphers, hash-style passwords, and encrypted logins. To ensure that the tool provides accurate penetration test results, the hollow ware community is continually developing and releasing updates as password technology evolves. This makes it a suitable cyber security tool for increasing password security.


Tcpdump is a valuable tool for sniffing network packets. Cybersecurity professionals use it to log and monitor TCP and IP traffic sent over the network. The command-based software tcpdump examines network traffic between a running computer and the network it passes through. Tcpdump tests your network’s security by capturing or filtering TCP / IP traffic sent over your network. Depending on the command, Tcpdump uses various formats to describe the packet content of network traffic.

Network defense cybersecurity tools


For computers with Windows operating systems, Netstumbler is a free cybersecurity tool. Security professionals can use the tool to find open ports on a network. Additionally, it is employed for wardriving. There are no available source codes for Netstumbler because it was only designed for Windows systems. Nevertheless, it is one of the most widely used tools for network defense because it uses a WAP-seeking strategy to look for open ports. Another reason it’s so well-liked is that it can find network vulnerabilities that other security tools might miss.


A great series of equipment determined in Aircrack-ng are used to observe the gaps in Wi-Fi community security. Cybersecurity professionals use it to file information packets despatched over a community for ongoing monitoring. Additionally, Aircrack-ng facets can potentially export captured information packets to textual content archives so they can bear extra protection checks. Additionally, it allows seizing and injection, which are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of community cards. More importantly, via cracking WPA-PSK and WEP keys, Aircrack-ng determines whether or not or no longer they are dependable and have crucial strength. It is a complete cybersecurity device fantastic for boosting and bettering community security.


The MAC OS X working system’s KisMAC cybersecurity device is made for wi-fi community security. It has a massive variety of points designed with pro cybersecurity authorities in mind. Consequently, in contrast to different equipment used for comparison purposes, it would possibly now not be elementary for beginners. On supported Wi-Fi cards, such as Apple’s AirPort Extreme and AirPort, as nicely as different third-party cards, KisMAC passively scans wi-fi networks. To ruin the safety of WPA and WEP keys, KisMAC employs a range of strategies, inclusive of brute-force assaults and the exploitation of vulnerabilities like mistaken safety key era and shoddy scheduling. A booming crack suggests that the keys are no longer secure, making the community open to attacks.

Web vulnerability scanning Tools


Nmap, often recognized as a community mapper, is an open-source and free cybersecurity device that scans networks and IT systems to discover current safety vulnerabilities. It is also used to habituate critical activities such as mapping out possible assault surfaces on a community and monitoring carrier or host uptime. Nmap provides many advantages as it runs on most of the extensively used running structures and can scan for internet vulnerabilities in large or small networks. In addition, the Nmap utility affords protection professionals with an overview of all community characteristics. The characteristics include the hosts related to the networks, the types of firewalls or packet filters deployed to impenetrable a network, and the running working system.

Paros Proxy

Paros Proxy is a safety tool based totally on Java. The device consists of a series of accessible equipment for behavior safety checks to find internet vulnerabilities. Some of the equipment contained in the Paros Proxy utility encompass vulnerability scanners, a net spider, and a site visitors recorder for keeping community things to do in real-time. Paros Proxy is beneficial in figuring out intrusion openings in a network. Also, the device detects frequent cybersecurity threats such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. Paros Proxy is tremendous as it is convenient to edit the usage of HTTP/HTTPS or rudimentary Java. It is an exceptional tool for identifying vulnerabilities in a community earlier than cyber adversaries can make the most of them, causing safety breaches.

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a robust cybersecurity tool used to improve network security. Security teams use the device to scan systems in real-time of severe vulnerabilities. Burp Suite also simulates assaults to identify the various ways in which cybersecurity threats can jeopardize network security. Burp Suite is available in three different editions: Enterprise, Community, and Professional. Commercial versions, which means they are not free, are Enterprise and Professional. Although the community edition is a free one, many of the features are limited. In addition, it only offers the manual tools considered to be necessary. As a result, Burp Suite is a suitable security tool for businesses but can be somewhat expensive for smaller ones.


An antivirus program is necessary to combat all malicious activities because of the prevalence of malware, phishing, and cryptocurrency. To ensure the security of your data, employment, and personal information, it is advised to use all of the cybersecurity tools mentioned above.

Employees can understand how they contribute to your company’s security by receiving cybersecurity awareness training. Instead of being just another part of the organization’s machinery, they serve as the first line of defense against external threats. Encourage vigilance, and thorough cybersecurity training to your employees can apply it outside the office even after things have returned to normal.

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