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How considerably are your employees engaged in their work?. If you aren’t aware of it, it is high time to take a look at your employee engagement strategy. Solving this can help you improve employee retention and productivity. Employees who are highly engaged are also 17% more productive than those who are not. Engaged employees tend to work hard, stay longer with their jobs. Also, bring the most significant contributions to their company.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the term enthusiasm and dedication of the work done by the employee for the employer’s success. Engaged employees do not always care about their paycheck. They also aspire to their job and want to bring a substantial contribution to their company.

Sometimes, employees may feel disengaged at work. It is mostly because they don’t feel valued. In the first place, they are attached rationally and emotionally to their work. 

Hence, Valuing employees is crucial for every organization. Whenever people feel valued, they’re more likely to achieve the company’s goals and show immediate accountability for their work. 

How to improve employee engagement?

In this article, we’ve outlined ten strategies to reduce employee turnover. And increase retention through practicing employee engagement.

1. Conduct an employee engagement survey

In the first place, Learning how to create employee surveys can improve overall employee engagement. There are multiple ways to structure it and earn actionable results, including: 

  1. Allow the employee to rate the given statements numerically.
  2. Ask some relevant open-ended questions.
  3. Include multiple-choice questions.

Employees’ answers to questions help you gather information about their day-to-day activities and interests, how they communicate with management, and their inclusive thoughts on the company’s mission. Furthermore, to get honest answers, the responses should be anonymous. 

Therefore, once the survey is completed, the employer can gather some of the internal issues earlier. And, can rectify them before getting worse. An employer can also take the most five crucial survey results for which he will show measurable progress over a reasonable time to solve it.

2. Form an employee engagement committee

Organizing staff to promote employee engagement helps to develop significant opportunities for laying back employees. An employee engagement committee can be highly fostered with a passionate, top-performing team at every level of the organization.

Approx of 16.3% of employees thinks they are fully disengaged when it comes to working. An employee engagement committee can bring up solutions for the issues, help employees with valuable suggestions and discussions.

Hence for developing strong employee engagement, create a team consisting of self-sufficient staff and high-engaging employees. They can conduct regular activities, surveys to build a strong work culture.

3. Keep remote employees engaged

During this unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, offer your employees health awareness, wellness checkups, remote education programs.

Employees from multiple locations can connect seamlessly with the use of technology platforms for video conferences and proper communication. This pandemic made work from home the new normal. Hence, ensure every employee has good facilities like (laptop, network connection). 

Overcome remote work challenges with these free remote work tools that you can use with no additional charges.

4.Recognize employees for a job well done

However, offering an annual review to evaluate an employee’s overall performance with helpful feedback shouldn’t be the only time to appreciate them. 

Employees need to be recognized for their work on a real-time basis. Directly praising them can give them strong motivation. Yet highlighting their success by a company announcement. Like email, newsletters, posters, and celebrating with awards and recognition will make them feel valued and appreciated. Eventually, every other employee will also be motivated to work harder for the same credits.

5. Provide better work-life balance

Bad work-life balance results in poor morale and productivity among employees. The best way to keep up the balance is to enrich flexibility in the workplace. Here are some ways to allow employees to maintain their work-life balance:

  1. Provide flexible hours to work.
  2. Allow employees to work from home 
  3. A generous PTO policy.
  4. Provide laptops and equipment to make working from anywhere possible

Maintaining proper work-life balance, an employee can be out of stress and burnout. Also, it allows them to take some personal time and set boundaries, goals, and priorities. 

6. Focus on diversity for better engagement

Diversity in the workplace means that a company employs a wide range of diverse individuals with different cultures. Gartner’s research found that bringing diversity to the workplace resulted in a 12% boost in employee performance.

Promoting diversity in the workplace, employees are more exposed to multiple perspectives and worldviews. Also, employees’ efforts and ideas should be equally valued. That means prioritizing equitable compensations and bonuses. And, placing transparent decisions related to promotions and raises.

7. Make work more fun with employee engagement activities

The level of employee engagement in your organization has plenty to do with how your employees relate to one another. Like, setting up opportunities for them to connect with their peers outside of work and foster personal relationships.

Here are some activities that can boost employee engagement :

  1. Celebrate birthdays and other milestones.
  2. Theme days ( themed activities)
  3. Office games 

In addition to that, make sure to provide some variety in your events to promote inclusivity among your peers. Activities like this can boost employee productivity and also improve their morale. It is important to schedule them during work hours by considering their work-life balance.

8. Prioritize physical and mental health

Workplaces that don’t promote wellness reduce productivity by 17.5%.Therefore, initiating mental and physical health is an extraordinary way of improving employee engagement. Offer Wellness programs, fitness subsidies, and coupons, exclusive workout sessions as company outings.

In addition to that, improve employees’ mental wellness by sponsoring meditation workshops. Also, encourage them to take mental health days off when they need to step away from the office and focus on themselves. 

9. Rethink the design of your office space

Sometimes, the general setup of the workspace is crucial to creating a productive work environment. Several design factors can build or break employee engagement in an office environment.

Bright, Modern spaces with cheerful ambiance for open conferences, closed-door meetings allow employees to select the right environment.

If your work environment is unconducive, consider remodeling or office move. Providing an engaging environment to employees helps you keep them motivated and engaged.

10. Be a good corporate citizen

By 2025, millennials will offset 75% of the workforce, and most prefer their companies socially responsible. They wish to work where there are actively participating in the company’s mission.

It is better to have a definite social purpose along with your company goals. Weaving social altruism into the company is an increasingly popular trend.

In brief, a meaningful social purpose for your organization can result in numerous positive effects on your business and the world around you.

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