The Complete New Hire Onboarding Checklist

employee onboarding

Employee onboarding simply refers to hiring the right people and making them familiar with the organization’s culture for accomplishing day-to-day activities. A successful onboarding begins with the new hires to make them settle with their job responsibilities.

Positive onboarding can help your new employees better understand the workplace and feel productive from day one. A successful onboarding leads to better performance, increased productivity, and greater employee satisfaction. It is said that “69% of employees are more likely to stay longer with the organization if it has a well-structured onboarding program”  Hence forming a structured onboarding relies on the company’s responsibility.

Here are some steps to follow; this will help you build a robust pace for your new employees.

Step-1: New Employee Recruitment

With an HR department, create a job requisition document. Once it is approved, the HR team should pace and hire the employees for individual posts. After shortlisting the candidates from the interview process, the HR team should conduct a background check to avoid further problems.

This recruitment process should give employees a clear sense of job roles and company culture. Have a clear view of the company policies that provide the employee a better understanding of remote work policy, vacation policy, etc.

Step-2 Post recruitment process

The new employees should receive the necessary documents that need to be filled in on their first day. The paperwork documents include payroll information, tax documents, and other agreements or contract-related documents. Offer an employee handbook that provides information about company culture, code of conduct, firing, and termination policies.

Provide a workstation with all necessary equipment and accessories like headphones, a keyboard, etc. Finally, make an announcement mail welcoming the new hire on board to the rest of the department. Prepare all essential accounts for a recent hire. 

Step-3 Company tour

Take your new hires a tour of the workplace and introduce them to the critical personnel; this helps them feel comfortable around the company. Guide them with all the information about the workplace, cafeteria, and restrooms. Explain to them about the security protocols and regulations once they receive the access key or code.  

Provide necessary information to your employees about their job responsibilities and the growth opportunities at the company. Introduce them to the mentor within the department who can inherit them with job roles and responsibilities.

Step-4 Training and Assignment

Provide your new employee with an effective training program. However, many organizations prefer online training via a robust LMS where they find numerous benefits in efficiency, productivity. Analyze their potential by giving assessments and tasks. With the help of training, you’ll be able to assign the projects to your employees based on their field of experience and interests.

Explain new short-term goals and expectations. This will help the employees to stay engaged, motivated, and productive. 

Step-5 Long-Term goals and objectives

Conduct regular meetings with the new hires to share their feedback and concerns about the training. Managers should organize a regular schedule for deciding long-term goals for the executives and make sure they understand their job roles and are willing to achieve future possibilities. 

Use communication tools like email, Slack, Zoom, and project management tools like Jira or Trello. This software can help in organizing your team effectively, even working remotely. Plan some formal meetings and casual events for the new hires to get along with their teammates.

To build your employee engagement and motivation, prioritize improving workplace transparency, recognition, and feedback. A heterogeneous approach to improving these areas will maximize the possibilities of the new hires becoming more productive and involved in the workforce. 

So, how about having an organized onboarding checklist to welcome and train your new employees?

We’ve created an ultimate checklist on Employee onboarding that can guide you in the process from the day of hire, before the first day, first day, first week, and month.

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