The Ultimate Checklist for Maintaining Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation is the biggest concern for most businesses today. Low motivation levels of your employees can have a devastating effect on your workplace productivity. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that your employees are motivated, engaged, and happy at work. Understand what factors drive your employees to help them perform best at the workplace. 

Here is a checklist of KloudLearn’s all-time popular employee motivation techniques. 

1. Give meaningful work:

Employees get distracted when there is no link between their tasks and job fulfillment. Be sure to make a balance by providing work to your employees that inspires them. Customize the tasks according to your employee’s interests and passions rather than forcing them into typical job descriptions.

2. Create a comfortable work environment:

Employees feel more motivated and productive when they work in a safe, comfortable, healthy, and well-designed work environment. Ensure your workplace is climate-controlled with natural lighting. Equip adjustable furniture for your employees, facilitating physical comfort as well. This helps in building employee motivation and reduces work-related stress. 

3. Encourage Autonomy:

Employee autonomy is one of the most significant factors in keeping your employees motivated and productive. Trust your employees and encourage the decision-making authority among them. Employees who have the freedom to make their own choices about their work responsibilities are more likely to get committed, productive, loyal, and happy than those whose actions are prescribed.

4. Set Achievable Goals:

Giving employees measurable and achievable goals is the extrinsic motivation for them. Your goals are the concrete announcements of job expectations. You can even attach tangible rewards for the employees who are achieving them. When your goals and rewards are appropriately structured, it reinforces the employee behavior and creates role models for other team members. 

5. Encourage Teamwork:

Encourage your employees to work as a team rather than individually on different projects. The easiest way to implement teamwork is by communicating effectively with your employees about the project goals, expectations, milestones and giving them enough autonomy to work cohesively as a team. 

6. Avoid Micromanagement:

Micromanagement appears to be overwhelming for your employees. You cannot expect your employees to grow and stay motivated when you always tell them what they need to do to accomplish the goals. Give your employees a sense of autonomy to make them succeed in their roles. 

7. Give Ongoing Performance Feedback:

Give regular feedback to your employees to sustain employee motivation and keep them self-aware. Recognize the hard work that your employees are doing to achieve the project goals and milestones. The positive feedback offers an encouraging influence on an employee’s motivation. 

8. Provide Reasonable Compensation:

Fair compensation is an essential attribute of trust-building. If you do not pay your employees well, they start focusing on their financial situations rather than their work. The chances are they might take another job where their pay scale meets their financial goals. Offering your employees competitive compensation lays a foundation for happy and satisfied employees. 

9. Promote Workplace Transparency:

Workplace transparency plays a vital role in encouraging employee motivation, trust, and productivity. According to the Tiny Pulse survey, workplace transparency is the first factor of employee happiness. According to a Harvard Business Review, 70% of the employees reported that they feel more comfortable and engaged in a transparent organization. 

10. Promote Mindfulness:

You can level up your employees’ motivation by embracing mindfulness. According to a study by the European agency of safety and health at work, more than 550 million absent workdays are stress-related. Today, prominent organizations like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Dell incorporate mindfulness programs into their workplace to promote employee engagement, motivation, and stress reduction. 

For increasing your employee motivation and engagement, focus on crucial areas like workplace transparency, potential, feedback, mindfulness. If you implement these approaches into your work culture, you will systematically boost your employee engagement, productivity, and motivation. 

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The KloudLearn Team has put together a few best practices that you can implement right away to keep your employees motivated successfully. Click here to download a copy now and get started.

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