The Most Valuable Cloud Certifications to Learn in 2021.

The Valuable Cloud Certifications of 2021

Cloud computing is an essential investment in modern IT industries and became a top priority for all organizations. IT professionals having sound knowledge of cloud computing are in high demand. Consequently, cloud certifications make you even more competitive, hirable and boost your industry’s pay scale. 

Cloud certifications serve as a validation for your skills that IT professionals are desperately seeking. A cloud certification can significantly influence your career by making you stand out from others in the hiring process. 

Whether you are beginning your career in cloud computing or enhancing your cloud expertise, there are specific certifications that take you where you want to be. We have collected the most valuable cloud computing certifications to grow your career. Before we jump into our cloud certification and courses, let’s discuss cloud computing and its benefits.

What is Cloud Computing, and What are its benefits?

Wikipedia defines Cloud Computing as the availability and distribution of computing resources, including data servers, storage, networking, data analytics, and intelligence across the internet. The term undoubtedly describes the availability of data centers to multiple users at the same time. Furthermore, large clouds have their functionality distributed across various locations from centralized servers. In that case, if the connection is relatively closer to the user, it is recognized as an edge server. Ultimately, you need to have an internet connection for accessing all your resources over the web. 

When a user purchases its cloud services, the provider accepts those requests using advanced authentication. The primary benefit is agility, the ability to develop, test quickly, and launch programs that boost business growth. Consequently, this allows focusing more on security and analysis rather than on maintaining resources. 

Today, companies are investing in cloud computing to deliver the best of their services and organize resources more efficiently. Cloud computing is one of the transforming technologies used in IT industries. Many cloud companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft provide cloud services like data servers, networks, etc., and are identified as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

For hosting any eCommerce application, you need to purchase servers, networks for storage and need to set up as per your requirements. Most organizations have their own data centers for storing their servers. Eventually, maintaining those data centers involves a hefty investment of money. 

Amazon realized that using virtualization-based services utilizes their company’s infrastructure power. With this, you can access the server, database, or network in a few clicks. And you will be charged for whatever you use, which solves the problem of setup and utilization. 

3 Most Valuable Cloud Certifications of 2021. 

Google Certified- Cloud Architect:

The Google Certified Cloud Architect Certification covers all the necessary skills and knowledge that all IT professionals need to work with Cloud technologies in an organization. The exam encompasses your ability to design, develop, and manage secure business solutions in cloud technology. The course program includes topics such as designing, planning, managing, and implementing cloud Architecture. Furthermore, you will also be tested on how to design cloud applications and services with compliance and your capability of analyzing and enhancing business processes. 

The Google Certified Cloud Architect Certification evaluates your capabilities in the following topics:

  • Designing, planning, and implementing a cloud architecture.
  • Managing the cloud solution architecture.
  • Designing cloud solutions for security.
  • Optimizing Business Processes.
  • Ensure Cloud Solution Reliability.

Microsoft Certified- Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Cloud Certification validates your knowledge and skills of cloud technologies and Azure. This cloud certification is primarily for candidates who have just begun to work in cloud technologies, services or are new to Azure. The exam encompasses the fundamentals of cloud computing, Azure services, pricing, SLAs, and lifecycles. You will also learn about the basics of security, privacy, and compliance as they relate to Microsoft Azure. 

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Cloud Certification measures your skills in the following concepts:

  • Outlining and identifying different cloud services.
  • Implementing different Azure solutions components.
  • Leveraging different Azure Management Tools.
  • Implementing Azure Security and Privacy features.

AWS Certified (Solutions Architect) – Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is developed especially for Solutions Architect with one or more years of working experience designing scalable and cost-effective distributed systems on AWS.  This certification verifies your knowledge and skills in system architecture. 

The AWS Solutions Architect Certification validates your following abilities:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of architecture and deploying safe and robust applications on AWS.
  • Defining architectural design principles based on customer requirements throughout the lifecycle of the application.
  • Providing best practices implementation guidelines to the organization. 

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