The Benefits of LMS in the Healthcare Industry

Benefits of LMS in Healthcare industry

The Healthcare industry is a combination of preventive, therapeutic, and diagnostic services, along with other verticals such as health insurances, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical devices and equipment. The Need for LMS in Healthcare is important now more than ever.

The healthcare industry is one of the most dynamic and evolving industries in the world. The ever changing patient demographics, evolutionary patterns, emergence of new diseases, resistance towards medications are just some of the reasons for the continuing dynamism of the industry.

Healthcare services always need to be one step ahead by upgrading their skills and techniques continuously.

LMS can provide a reprieve in managing these tasks and processes by facilitating the creation of e learning modules. These can be accessed by the employees easily.

There are a lot of benefits that can be reaped from Learning Management Systems. It provides essential L&D training in a highly economical and efficient way. 

Let us list down some of the major benefits that LMS provides to the healthcare industry.

Simplification of SOP Training 

The healthcare industry is one of the most continually evolving industries that exists in the modern world. Medicine formulations, lab testing procedures etc. go under constant changes. As such the System of Practices (SOP) for them also undergo rapid changes. Hence it is important for the healthcare professionals to be updated and adept with any new changes in the SOPs that have been rolled out by its organization.

An LMS enables the staff to sty updated by delivering relevant training. This leads to avoidance of any unintentional malpractices negligence in the organization.

Facilitates Blended Learning Approach

Medical and Healthcare processes are often sensitive and critical in nature. Therefore, the classroom based learning system cannot be completely removed and replaced with an e-learning system. At least not yet.

But an LMS circumvents this issue with the concept of Blended Learning. That allows the merging of the Instructor Led Training (ILT) & e-Learning. 

The blending of modalities such as videos, assignments, assessments, ILT along with modern age technologies such as Gamification, Course Authoring, helps to provide the best of both worlds to the healthcare professionals. 

Streamline Analytics and Reporting Systems

Understanding the progress of an employee’s training is critical in assessing his capabilities. Designing an effective training module via an intuitive Learning Management System helps in tracking employee learning progress, and facilitates to generate specific assessment reports.

These reports can be used to analyze the effectiveness of the course. It also helps to scrutinize the employees’ learning capability and adaptability, and their overall grasp of the subject matter on the basis of their assessments via quizzes, milestones achieved in the course duration, course completions and various other factors. 

The analytical data also helps to determine if the employee requires any additional training . It allows us to analyze and chart the career trajectory of an employee which can be used for the employee’s further professional development. 

Automation of Compliance Systems

In the world of healthcare, the stakes are always high. Any error or deviation can have negative effects not just on the employees but also on patients and end users.

As per Becker’s Hospital Review in 2017, The U.S Dept. of Health Services collected $17 Million Dollars in fines for compliance violation.

It is therefore not surprising then that the regulations and compliances in the healthcare industry are very high. These standards are implemented to mitigate any risks. It is paramount for healthcare employees to be appraised of the compliances and the criticality of these compliance regulations.

Learning Management Systems facilitate in delivering these compliance training. It does so via a centralized platform that is stable, secure and intuitive in nature.

Employees can access and learn about the compliance system and standardized regulations via the e – learning training modules. This can nurture a work culture that promotes adhering to compliance standards, instead of just thinking of it as an obligatory module. 

Persistent Professional Development

Professional development is not a one-time activity, but a continuous process in developing the employee in various aspects.  It involves not only in educating related to medical devices, practices or medical skills, but also developing skills such as team building, team management, professional communication, teaching skills, accountability etc.

An LMS with a Continuous Professional Development Module (CPD) enables in developing these skills via certifications and specialized learning content. 

Learn Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

The healthcare industry is demanding and hectic at every level. Most healthcare related employees are always strapped for time more than any other resource. Emergency calls, Deployments of medical devices and equipment on urgency based work processes they have to follow. Hence it is highly important that the employees are given the flexibility to learn and complete their training in their own time and in their own space. And on a device of their own comfort. 

LMS systems provides e learning content across devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. Utilizing this tool of an LMS will result in the course completion rates being faster and also enabling higher engagement towards learning as compared to traditional training methods.

Final Thoughts

LMS has proven to be an integral and crucial part of Learning & Development Activities in the complex and ever evolving world of healthcare. It is applicable in addressing the different learning requirements, modes and analytics. It is an imperative tool in driving employee engagement, developing employee competency and institutionalizing standardized norms.

With the right Learning Management System, healthcare companies can establish a productive and safe workplace. Which will further aid in providing the best healthcare facilities and services to the society. 

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