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Security Breach: What is it, its types, and how to prevent it

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Cyberattacks are on the rise every day. Digital technology has rapidly changed the way people behave in all aspects of their lives, including crime. Till 2025, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach 10.5 trillion dollars. Accenture reports that there has been a rise of a security breach by 11% since 2018 and 67% since 2014.

Read our blog on why Cybersecurity is important and ways to prevent cyberattacks.

Definition of Security Breach

The term “security breach” refers to any incident that involves unauthorized access to computer data, applications, networks, or devices. The information is accessed without authorization. These attacks usually occur when an intruder circumvents security measures.

Security Breach vs Data Breach

A security breach is a general term that refers to the compromise of organization systems. Data breaches occur when a person’s data has been accessed, stolen, or destroyed maliciously.

Security Breach vs Security Incident

It is a violation of security when an attacker attempts to gain access to a system or do damage. However, the majority of security incidents don’t lead to an actual breach.

As an example, a brute force attack against a protected system attempting to guess multiple login credentials can be considered a security incident, but not a breach, unless the attacker was successful in guessing the password of the system.

A security breach may occur if an attacker is allowed access to protected systems. When the attacker obtained access to sensitive information, it is considered a data breach.

Types Of Security Breach


A malware attack occurs when hackers trick the user into clicking on something (such as a pop-up) and then download malware onto the system. Malware infects your entire system.

This can cause your system to be severely slowed down or to crash completely.


Phishing happens when somebody steals your information by using a fake website.

If a website seems to provide a free credit check, it may actually be collecting all of your personal info. Phishing can be used to steal credit card data, passwords, and financial info.

Password Attacks

In a password attack, hackers attempt to gain access to an account or system by guessing the user’s password using the software.

To best protect your accounts, use complex passwords since these attacks usually target weak or simple passwords.


Most ransomware attacks target large, well-funded companies such as hospitals or law firms. Attackers block their access to information that they need in order to function.

A ransom will then be imposed on the company’s systems by the attackers in order to be able to use those systems again.


Denial-of-service attacks disrupt an organization’s system by flooding it with fake requests.

It is usually used against media sites and political websites for protesting purposes.

Security Breach in the 21st century

Security breaches in major organizations always make headlines. As examples, here are a few.

  • Yahoo – three billion accounts were compromised by phishing in 2013.
  • In 2017, an application vulnerability resulted in Equifax losing the personal information of 145 million Americans. Attacks occurred between May and July, but a security breach was not announced until September.
  • A major breach of eBay’s security occurred in 2014. The credit card information of PayPal users was not at risk, but many customers’ passwords were compromised. In order to remain secure, the company emailed its users and asked them to change their passwords.
  • In 2015, the dating site Ashley Madison, which caters to married people who wish to have affairs, was hacked. They then leaked a huge number of customer details on the internet. A number of suicides have been linked unconfirmed reports to the exposure of customers whose names had been leaked.
  • In 2018, 29 million Facebook users’ personal information was lost as a result of internal software errors. Since company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s accounts were compromised, this was a particularly embarrassing security breach.
  • There was a data breach at Marriott Hotels that affected up to 500 million records of customers in 2018. Despite this, its reservation system was breached in 2016 – the breach was not discovered for another two years.


There are many places where personal information about you resides – not just at home. Knowing how to respond when a cyber thief steals your information is smart.

Cyber attackers are using multiple attack methods and techniques to penetrate the target network. This blog highlights the most significant security breaches and provides advice on how to deal with the threat.

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