Sales Training: The Essential 5 Sales Training Programs of 2021.

Sales Training Programs

The competitive business environment has made it extremely challenging to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over others. Competitors are consistently implementing new ways of streamlining customer demands and industry dynamics. However, a strong sales team is an essential tool that an enterprise can have to stay ahead of the competition. In the B2B environment, the abilities of a salesperson are one of the crucial factors in influencing a prospect’s decision to purchase. Therefore, every company needs to invest in sales training programs and improvement. Your company needs to make the right decisions in terms of training investments. 

A good sales team is vital for your company’s success. A skilled sales team generates new opportunities that lead to an increase in business revenue. One of the best ways of training your sales representatives is by investing in sales training programs. The sales training program will help your sales team by equipping them with the necessary skills to adapt to market trends and customer requirements. The better your sales team is trained, the more your business will grow and become stronger. 

However, today more than 60% of sales representatives claim that selling is more challenging than a few years ago. That is where a sales training program comes into play. A well-trained sales representative will better influence potential and current customers by knowing their requirements, discussing their needs, and learning how to approach them. According to Mckinsey, high performers deliver the output eight times than their peers. The average performers lead to average results. The competent team, on the other hand, pours success like rain. And this is why excellent sales training programs have become a competitive advantage and the primary driver of business performance and revenue.    

What are Sales Training Programs?

Sales Training is developed to help sales representatives accomplish their sales goals for themselves and their organization. The sales training program lets your employees develop sales skills, methodologies, and techniques required to approach leads, establish new sales opportunities, and build sound relationships with customers. 

National Society of Sales Training Executives defines sales training as intentional training delivered to the sales force for making the best use of their talents. 

An excellent sales training program is developed in such a way that it works towards the accomplishment of business goals. It makes your sales representatives motivated and willing to achieve their objectives. 

The ultimate goal of a sales training program is to enhance the relationship between sales representatives and customers and drive sales. 

What are different types of sales training programs?

Sales training programs are of four types:

  • Inside Sales
  • Field Sales
  • Service Sales
  • Sales Management
  1. Inside Sales: It refers to selling products and services via email or phone instead of traveling to meet prospective customers. Inside sales include consultative meetings or referrals. 
  2. Field Sales: It refers to selling products and services where sales professionals meet with potential customers at on-premise meetings or conferences. 
  3. Service Sales: It focuses on building customer relationships, service, and loyalty and extending the lifetime value of customers. It includes storytelling and consultative selling. 
  4. Sales Management: It helps sales managers build a more robust sales team by becoming excellent sales development mentors to achieve business goals and objectives. 

Top 5 Sales Training Programs of 2021.

Sales Training Program helps your sales team to prepare and execute sales plans effectively. While signing up for sales programs, you can discover numerous resources developed to help learners learn strategies for converting prospects into customers, closing high-value sales, and extending customer lifetime value. 

Let’s start with the best sales training programs of 2021 with a more focus on cost, effectiveness, and other business criteria to help you accomplish your sales goals. 


Coursera’s Art of Sales is the best and effective sales training program covering a broad range of sales topics and strategies from the world’s reputable universities. 

The art of sales specialization training program helps your sales team to become more effective and efficient in accomplishing your sales and business goals. It will enable your sales force to stand out from the crowd, attract prospects and customers, support and achieve your business goals. 

This training course consists of four sub courses, including customer segmentation and prospecting, connecting with potential clients, sales pitch and closing, creating a toolkit of the entire sales process. Let’s look at them in detail:

  • Customer Segmentation and Prospecting: Here, you will gain new knowledge, critical skills, and discipline required to supercharge your sales success. You will learn about targeting and acquiring customers. 
  • Connecting with Potential Clients: Here, you will learn about how to prepare and execute high-impact meetings with your prospects. You will learn about the importance of engaging clients, telling powerful stories, and receiving feedback. 
  • Sales Pitch and Closing: Here, you will learn how to close high-impact sales meetings while developing a brand.
  • Creating a toolkit for your sales process: Here, you will monitor the insights and make intelligent decisions for curating a toolkit for your complete sales process. 

It consists of self-paced video lectures. Furthermore, you can analyze your progress with practice quizzes and assessments. 

RAIN Selling:

The RAIN Selling Program focuses on strategies and tactics designed for a successful selling foundation. The training curriculum includes critical skills essential to develop in your sales team. 

The training curriculum includes the daily sales challenges being faced by your sales representatives. Moreover, your team will learn how to:

  • Lead Sales conversations with prospects and customers from beginning to end.
  • Identify the customer needs and goals by questioning techniques
  • Communicate and develop value case
  • Understand buyer’s journey and persona
  • Establish healthy relationships with customers and create sales rapport
  • Close high-impact business and sales deals

The essential topics covered in this training program are as follows:

  • Communicating value
  • Sales conversions
  • Overcoming objections and challenges
  • Understanding buyers
  • Better sales success

The RAIN Group’s training is customized to meet your business needs. With this, you get access to online workshops, live training, quizzes, and assessments. 

BROOKS GROUP: The Live IMPACT Selling Professional Training Program

The Brooks Group provides a sales training program that is an excellent fit for your sales team as they focus on improving their specific sales skills whether they are working remotely or full-time from the office. This sales training program focuses on:

  • Streamlined Sales Cycles
  • Pre-call Meeting
  • Selling products virtually
  • Improving Sales and Margins
  • Improving Customer Retention 

The sales training program offered by BROOKS GROUP enables teams to engage in high-impact corporate sales meetings and conversations that convert more buyers. This customized training program trains employees at a more effective and efficient pace for groups by reinforcing methodologies in real-life situations.  

Furthermore, this sales training program is quite simple. It does not include any complex strategies and theories for your sales force to learn. In simple words, you offer opportunities for your employees to accomplish their sales training needs and implement them practically for overall success. 

Hubspot: Inbound Sales

The inbound sales training program from HubSpot is an excellent foundation both for sales representatives and experienced sales managers looking to hone their sales skills and knowledge to excel in today’s dynamic and competitive sales environment.

Hubspot’s Inbound sales training program covers the fundamentals of inbound strategy and approach to sales. Your sales team will learn about:

  • Inbound Sales Fundamentals
  • How to prioritize your active buyers over passive ones
  • How to earn the attention of a modern customer
  • Understanding buyer’s journey and needs
  • Delivering personalized sales meeting

Furthermore, you can access this course in numerous media formats including videos, text-based quizzes, etc. 


KloudLearn offers Free Sales training program that meets the changing dynamics of sales, business, and buyer’s persona. KloudLearn’s sales training program will help you build, elevate, expand value at every step of your selling journey, i.e., from lead generation to customer success. 

Your sales team will have the opportunity to gain the capability of keeping the pipelines full and flowing, create winning sales proposals, improve closing rates and customer lifetime value. 

In this training program, you will learn:

  • Finding New Prospects
  • Aligning and Running innovative Sales Training Strategies
  • Value-Based Selling
  • Sales Pitch and Closing
  • Leadership Development
  • How to Enhance Customer Service
  • Building Customer Relationships

Furthermore, your sales representatives will get access to tools and techniques to shape their emotions, abilities, and beliefs to accomplish sales success. KloudLearn delivers customized sales training that fits organizations of all sizes to overcome sales challenges on a daily basis. It covers value suggestions, closing sales deals effectively, and much more. 


It is indeed said that sales are the lifeline of every organization. You cannot afford to have an ill-trained and average sales team. Undoubtedly, Sales Training Programs are effective ways of growing your business revenue. 

The business environment is very dynamic today. The skills that worked perfectly fine in the past are obsolete today’s evolving market trends and challenges. Therefore, an effective training program is crucial to make your employees learn new skills they need to identify new opportunities and create pathways for business growth. 

Great sales training programs will help your sales team and business to sell products and services to their full potential. The return will justify all the costs from better win rates to higher closing rates to revenue attainment. 

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