Reasons why leadership training should be given to all employees

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Training has always been one of the most critical components helping in the smooth running of an organization. All organizations, be it small or big cannot thrive without adding training programs in their growth plan. After all, it helps in upskilling the employee and increases the overall productivity of the organization.

Out of all the skills one can learn, leadership takes the top position.. An organization that has good leaders in every department and level can achieve wonders in no time. Most of these organizations can see continuous growth in their value. 

If an organization offers a leadership training program to all its employees, it will not only accelerate its growth but also help in stressing the importance of his/her role in the employees’ minds. Let us understand in detail why leadership training is crucial. 

What is Leadership Training?

Simply put, leadership training is a training program that is developed to teaching an individual how to become a good leader and how to make decisions as a leader. There are various skills that leadership training focuses on such as ethics, discipline, how to inspire, vision, and how to be motivated and motivate others. These skills can be taught and continuously improved as per the needs. Developing leadership skills is possible for every individual – so all employees in the organization should be trained for the same.

Why all employees should be given leadership training?

There is a common notion that leadership training should be given only to employees who are at the top levels of the organization. They wrongly think that only these employees would benefit from this training as they are the ones who make important decisions that can affect the growth of an organization. Not only there is an absence of evidence to support this claim, but it is also an absurd thought process.

On the contrary, there is evidence that states leadership training is important to all the employees of the organization, and implementing it in all departments is beneficial. A survey conducted during the 2018 Global Leadership Forecast points out that about only 42% of leaders think that the leadership quality in their organization is of high quality. 

The survey also highlighted the apprehension of top leaders in not finding enough successors after their departure from the organization.  Most organizations cite ‘developing next-generation leaders; and ‘Failure to attract/retain top talent’ as the biggest challenges to their growth. Leadership training can help such organizations in creating next-gen leaders.

Other benefits of company-wide leadership training

Improved decision making

A very important skill of a leader is to analyze the situation and choose an option that has the highest possibility of giving a positive outcome. Leaders should be good at making a decision. This not only helps them at work but also in their personal life. The training should teach employees how to weigh risks and benefits, envision multiple possible outcomes, and compare pros and cons. It is natural for supervisors and managers to have these skills from experience but training these skills to the entire workforce will make the day-to-day work smoother. When every employee becomes a leader, it will completely eliminate micromanaging. A workforce that is technically trained and self-sufficient to choose the best course of action will make the foundation of any business irrespective of its size.

Improved organization structure

Pick any organization and ask who their leader is – everyone would point at their CEO or the MD because that is what traditional leadership has taught us. According to it, the chain of communication travels from employee to manager, manager to supervisor, and supervisor to the CEO. This is definitely not an effective form of communication. The need of the hour is collective leadership (There are multiple leaders with multiple skills from multiple departments working together to solve organizational level problems). 

Collective leadership has done wonders to many organizations. The same 2018 Global leadership report has outlined that collective leadership helps to make informed, data-driven decisions. They are also better at responding to competition and customer’s needs. In summary, organizations that want to run a flat structure will benefit from training all their employees in leadership skills. 

Avoid information risk

Even though many companies see the potential of having leadership training, they make it available only to select employees whom they feel have the potential to be a leader. When it comes to taking risks leadership is the most important skill required. If company-wide leadership training was not provided, then information risk would be the biggest concern. 

Information risk is where a single person has all the information and knowledge and doesn’t share that knowledge with the employees. If that employee decides to leave, this can be a huge problem for the organization. The key is to share information with more than one person to keep the organization from experience such sudden setbacks. As leadership skills are not available to all employees, there is a huge shortage of people who possess the skill to fill critical positions. 

Improved productivity

A leadership training program might cost the company time and money, especially if it were made available to the entire organization. It will be a mammoth investment for the organization. However, they should also calculate the ROI of such training. Having hundreds of leaders who can make their own decisions and can travel in the right direction is worthy of any investment. For example, the 2018 Global Leadership Survey states that businesses that have extended leadership training to all the employees have displayed 4.2 times the performance of other businesses. The increased performance was clearly seen in the operating margin, revenue growth, and return on equity. 

Reduced attrition

Employee attrition is a costly business. It is difficult to retain the top talent in any organization. Unless you offer the employees something unique and special, they will always look out for better opportunities. This is where an attractive leadership training could help. It will help your organization to stand unique from competitors. Since employees are always looking to get equipped with important skills, this training would be quite enticing to them. 

Wrapping Up

A company-wide leadership training program is essential for all organizations to grow. But such a training program is not something that can be created and deployed in one night. Lots of effort, time, and money need to be put in. Luckily there are Learning Management Systems like KloudLearn that can help in establishing the perfect training program for your employees in minutes. Contact us to know more and how we can help.

Once the training program is perfectly curated and implemented with KloudLearn, you can see increased productivity, a colorful work culture, increased profits, and an efficient work environment.

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