Announcing: Gamification Support

Gamification suppport


Kloudlearn announces the availability of gamification features.  Gamification is a rapidly emerging method to create an immersive learning experiences for learners. It uses game-based mechanics and game thinking to engage the learners while they are undergoing training.

Employees trained in a gamified platform will always end up completing the courses faster than those who learned in a non-gamified environment. This is true because learners are constantly motivated with rewards when they cross various milestones in a gamified environment.

What kind of gamification features will you find in KloudLearn?

KloudLearn offers two types of gamification feature to power up the training process –


Badges are digital rewards that you can issue to a learner when they meet pre-set conditions such as a particular value of points. As KloudLearn admin, you can assign one or more badges to a learning group to ensure that every learner in that group is eligible to earn a badge when they complete the milestone. By issuing the badges, you acknowledge the progress of your learners in their learning journey, which in turn has a positive impact on the engagement of the learners.

How administrators can access badges?

As an admin, you can create and assign badges to a learner group all within your KloudLearn dashboard.

To create a badge,

  • Navigate to Settings > Badge Template Settings.
  • Add a badge name, skill, points (that needs to be accrued to receive that badge), and lastly the badge image.

Image: Badge creation

Once one or more badges are created, the next step is to assign it to a template. A template is a collection of badges that in turn is assigned to a group.

To assign the badges to a template,

  • Click the templates tab in the badge template settings page.
  • Create a new template by clicking on the Add+ button.
  • After adding the name and description of the templates, select all your badges and click on the Create Template button.

Image: Badge assignment to a template

The last step is to assign a template to a group. To do this,

  • Navigate to Settings > Badges Assigned to groups > Select your group > Select your template > Click on Assign.

Image: Badge assignment to a group

How learners can access badges?

As a learner in KloudLearn, you will be automatically issued a badge when you accrue a certain value of points after completing a course. A badge will be assigned to you, provided the course admin has assigned a badge to your group. Your badge will be displayed on the group feed as well as sent to you over email once you earn it.


Just like badges, certificates are another reward mechanism in KloudLearn where you can issue them to a learner when they successfully complete a course. Certificates serve as a final goal to achieve in a course for a learner which also gives them a reason to complete it. When you issue a certificate to a learner, it generates a sense of accomplishment in their mind. It also acts as proof of their hard work in completing the course. All these add to the motivation of the employees.

How administrators can access certificates?

As an administrator, you can assign certificates to a course while creating or editing the course. To enable certificates for all your courses –

  • On your KloudLearn dashboard, navigate to Settings > Course Settings > Certificate Settings > Turn on the ‘Issue certificate’ option.
  • In the same section, choose the default certificate template that can be used for every course in case you do not want to change it for an individual course.

Image: Certificate Settings

A user-friendly certificate creation tool is available in the certificate section of the KloudLearn dashboard. Through this tool, you can add your own personalized image, signature, background, and text.

To create your own certificate, on your KloudLearn dashboard, navigate to Settings > Certificate > Click on the Add+ button

Image: Certificate Builder Tool

Alternatively, you can even select from a pre-created template and work on top of it

How learners can access certificates?

As a learner in KloudLearn, you will be automatically issued a certificate when you complete a course, provided the course admin has assigned a certificate to that course. Your certificate will be displayed on the group feed as well as sent to you over email once you earn it.

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