Pharmaspectra improves productivity and sales performance with KloudLearn’s personalized learning platform.


Cupertino, California, United States & London, England

Pharmaspectra leverages the world’s largest scientific data lake to deliver the most accurate KOL identification and profiling. Founded in 2005, Pharmaspectra has partnered with the top pharma companies across the globe and helped them achieve scientific leadership and product launch success through more effective decision-making and impact. 

With the core objective of enabling clients to improve their engagement with the most strategically-relevant experts, Pharmaspectra has adopted a continuous development approach. This is embedded across every aspect of their organizational culture and employee development.

As a leader in scientific data and KOL insights, Pharmaspectra was looking for an online learning platform for its globally dispersed workforce to improve productivity and accelerate its business. KloudLearn LMS offers them the desired learning solution to be deployed to a globally distributed workforce across different devices. In addition, they needed this type of solution to provide personalized training specific to the roles, increase learner engagement, and reduce training costs. 

Pharmaspectra possesses a strong appetite for professional development, and with a significant global presence, access to online learning is not only effective but essential. “Every solution and service we offer delivers the highest quality standards. Effective employee training will help us enhance our business performance to provide secured and quality solutions globally. Therefore, we needed an online training platform that was progressive, cost-effective, and offered a blended learning approach. KloudLearn has helped us fulfill our mission of delivering high-quality solutions and driving business growth by providing our workforce with a user-friendly interface offering personalized and engaging learning experiences”, said Gokul Chandran, Head India Operations

KloudLearn LMS will help Pharmaspectra to expand and enhance its game-changing solutions. Administrators can quickly analyze training completion rates by identifying the most active learners and creating accurate reports. This will reduce a lot of administrative workloads. Employees can be assigned training specific to their job function across teams with its AI-powered learning experience platform, thus increasing engagement and productivity and closing skill gaps. Additionally, its mobile learning feature will allow Pharamspectra’s globally dispersed workforce to access training anytime at their convenience. “KloudLearn is honored to collaborate with Pharmaspectra to provide our clients with personalized, engaging, and continual training for their dispersed workforce, supercharge productivity, and business performance. This resonates with Pharmaspectra in delivering high-end solutions and delighting customers”, said Jaspreet Lidder, Marketing Manager, KloudLearn. 

About Pharmaspectra

Pharmaspectra is a global leader in scientific data and KOL insights. With the world’s largest scientific database, it delivers the most accurate and complete KOL identification, profiling, and Share of Scientific VoiceTM measurement. After 17 years of experience partnering with top 20 pharmaceutical companies, Pharmaspectra helps its clients achieve scientific leadership through more effective engagement with healthcare experts, optimizing their strategic planning and product launches.

About KloudLearn 

KloudLearn is a Next-Generation LMS platform. KloudLearn combines traditional LMS features and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) capabilities to provide users with Autonomous Learning capabilities. KloudLearn offers comprehensive capabilities in Content Library, Course Authoring, Gamification, Social Learning, Analytics, and Reporting. Furthermore, KloudLearn’s AI-powered engine delivers dynamic content recommendations facilitating Autonomous Learning. KloudLearn is cloud-delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) model and is available globally.

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