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KL manufacturing case study

The two things you can’t compromise on as a manufacturing company are production quality and speed. Increasing one should not, however, come at the expense of the other. Instead, staff skills need to be enriched and diversified. That is only achievable if you are constantly developing your employees’ abilities.

Increasing the quality and speed of your production processes are two methods to boost revenue. With a Learning Management System, you can take your employee and worker training to the next level.

A renowned manufacturing firm in India was having trouble imparting training programs to their workers. This was mainly due to geographical variety and the fact that they weren’t meeting their training targets due to poor employee engagement. Their learning and development team sought to create a strong LMS that could give a complete solution. Be simple to use for administrators, and help them speed up the learning process while also allowing end-users to engage in gamified learning.

Kloudlearn LMS was the best choice for an organization-wide unified training delivery system.


  • Due to the geographically dispersed workforce and insufficient motivation, the firm was unable to give successful training.
  • Using gamified learning to replace uninteresting training was their goal.
  • Because the manufacturing business is very competitive and skills must be updated frequently, they needed to accelerate their learning procedures.
  • They wanted to brand the LMS to match their corporate identity.
  • They required a learning management system (LMS) that could be readily converted into a mobile LMS app.
  • There weren’t any combined training completion reports. Inability to do advanced analytics to identify the effectiveness of training results.
  • They needed to make sure that all of their learners received the same standardized information.

Kloudlearn: The solution

One can choose Kloudlearn LMS  for its user-friendly interface for both learners and administrators. As well as its numerous features, flexibility, security, and mobile connectivity with tablets and smartphones. It is additionally personalized and adapted the LMS to meet their brand. It has all of the standard capabilities, such as defined admin roles, user and course management, reports, quizzes analytics, gamification, mobile learning, zoom integration, and learning paths.

Through the Mobile App designed exclusively for all kinds of industries, users may take some tasks and files both online and offline, view word, pdf, and ppt files, and download courses. A user can upload files and images as well. As part of Training courses, KloudLearn also includes the ability to generate quiz-based assessments using course authoring tools.

The Advantages of Using an LMS  for Manufacturing Firms

High Productivity:

Improved training processes lead to greater production that is free of errors and faults. Through proper, continuous training, an LMS may assist staff in achieving high productivity.


If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and predict quick development, an LMS can simply scale to meet your expanding staff training demands.

Low Cost: 

Using an LMS minimizes the need for costly face-to-face training while also allowing training to occur at any time, decreasing productivity loss.

Uniform Training: 

Because manufacturing organizations must comply with numerous international and national rules, they require uniform standards in their processes, which can only be achieved through standardized training provided by an LMS.

Employee-Oriented Training: 

Employees dispersed across departments can use an LMS to train at their convenience and at their own pace.

Low Cost: Using an LMS minimizes the need for costly face-to-face training while also allowing training to occur at any time, decreasing productivity loss.

Results of using Kloudlearn LMS:

Being a leader in the manufacturing industry demands them to be ahead of the competition in terms of knowledge, technology, rules, and procedures. As a result, they must develop successful and ongoing training for their personnel. As well as to keep them motivated to complete it. Kloudlearn’s gamification feature can be the most effective solution in this case. The gamified training motivates employees to complete all training on time and with high grades. As a result, the effectiveness of the instruction given will go up. Users can hold on to the knowledge better.

Kloudlearn LMS can also benefit the firm by delivering the same information and materials to its employees. Thereby reducing errors and miscommunication. The enhanced reports in Kloudlearn LMS using analytics feature, on the other hand, can assist them in effectively tracking the processes of the employees and measuring the impact and success of the training. Using this it would be able to structure and redefine the methods and courses more engagingly and successfully as a result of this.

The Mobilearning feature of kloudlearn makes life easier for people whose jobs don’t allow them to sit in front of a computer all day. This can result in a greater rate of course completion and increased productivity.

Finally, despite having employees in various cities and locations, it would be easier to train all of them in a timely and cost-effective manner. Kloudlearn LMS can be very cost-effective in this case.

KloudLearn can help you take your business training to the next level. Schedule a demo with us today and get free access for up to 100 users.

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