Latest employee engagement trends for 2022

employee engagement trends

Employee engagement is a topic that never ceases to amaze us. New employee engagement trends emerge on a regular basis. This provides you with the additional knowledge you need to engage people at work. And also this is especially true in light of the worldwide pandemic.

With many ideas floating around, deciding which ones are beneficial and which are just fluffy nonsense can be difficult.

Let’s go over the latest, less-obvious employee engagement trends of 2022 in this blog to assist you in getting the understanding you need to boost engagement and performance in the months ahead.

2022: Regaining control

Employee engagement trends have traditionally been based on taking a step back and empowering employees to do tasks in the manner that they believe is optimal. While this is still somewhat true, a trend for 2022 that is rapidly rising is to reclaim control and provide clear direction and leadership to your workforce.

Because 2020 was so unexpected for many employees, they took a back seat and relied significantly on their supervisors’ advice and leadership. Employees looked to their bosses for assurance during a period of great uncertainty.

It’s critical to provide a lot of structure to your workforce to assist them in rebuilding their confidence and effectively engage them in 2022 and beyond.

A more personal development-focused approach in 2022

For many of us, 2020 felt like a wasted year because our primary emphasis was on surviving at work rather than developing and succeeding.

Employee engagement dropped dramatically as a result of the decreased emphasis on personal performance.

With this in mind, many businesses are considering how they might improve their staff development plans for the coming years, not only to boost employee satisfaction and happiness but also to transform corporate performance.

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Providing a more family-friendly work environment

Before COVID-19, we kept our work and personal lives separate.

Many of us didn’t work from home regularly, and when we did, it was on a very rigorous schedule.

On our video calls, there were no interruptions from family members and certainly no screaming children.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, nearly half of the corporate population will be working from home, blurring the barriers between family time and work time.

This is why, in 2021 and 2022, one of the most important employee engagement trends will be a more family-friendly approach to work. But what does it mean by this?

  • Being more understanding when family members or children interrupt employees.
  • Allowing employees to have additional flexibility in their working hours to assist with child care or family responsibilities.
  • Participating in virtual hangouts and games with family members.

It will assist your staff feels less overwhelmed and anxious about dealing with day-to-day challenges. Also allowing them to create better quality work if you change your attitude about family issues that emerge.

Limiting work/life balance and designing work for the wellbeing

Jen Fisher, Deloitte US’s chief well-being officer, urged leaders to discuss the strategies and practices they were testing to affect well-being in their organizations in a LinkedIn message in August 2020.

The number of employers who were designing well-being programs into work itself, rather than thinking of well-being and work as two different things, was underlined by the responses.

As a result, the concept of work-life balance has been abandoned in favor of a more holistic approach.

Starbucks, for example, detailed how they make sure all rotas are given to employees two weeks in advance. And that if a barrister lives more than an hour away from the store, they will try to transfer them to another location that is closer to their homes.

The motto is that you do everything to make your employee’s working day as pleasant as possible.

Personal Productivity Promotion in 2022

Employers are increasingly embracing more personalized solutions to boost productivity and development. Employees can enhance their abilities and knowledge whether they are working alone or in a group due to this.

This is largely due to the uncertainty of when we will all be able to collaborate again as we did before COVID-19. According to specialists, the virus will be with us for many years. It’s only reasonable to concentrate on tools that will aid employees in their own work.

Dr. Jenna Macciochi, a lecturer in immunology at the University of Sussex, said it’s difficult to forecast when the pandemic will end: “It’s a question we probably all want to know the answer to and I doubt anyone knows for sure since it depends on many circumstances.” I’d say we don’t know right now.”

Because the year ahead is so uncertain, it’s critical that you keep employees interested by making it simple. And also accessible for them to learn and refine their talents from wherever they work.

Our clients use Kloudlearn LMS to provide training and expertise to their staff whenever they need it. Corporate Learning Management Systems that offer training earn a 24 percent larger profit margin than those that do not. With an LMS, you can keep up with the latest employee engagement trends.

An emphasis on productivity rather than routine

The year 2020 was a difficult one for production. Workers were unable to get back to work quickly and efficiently after a change in routine and this decreased their concentration levels.

Employers are more interested in increasing productivity than rigorously adhering to routines in order to catch up. And also to ensure that coming years are more productive than ever before. This will not only make your staff more productive, but it will also make them feel more energetic. Also, their job satisfaction will skyrocket as a result.

Several examples follow:

  • Excessive meetings should be eliminated if they consume valuable work time.
  • Allowing employees to assist with projects that are outside of their job responsibilities because it makes sense.
  • If you can allow staff to work sooner or later than usual when they are most productive, do so.
  • Rather than pushing employees to follow an antiquated system, allow them to conduct their tasks in the way they see fit.
  • If it makes more sense to outsource a task to a third-party agency or a self-employed professional than assigning it to an employee who is already overburdened, do so.

How Kloudlearn can help you?

KloudLearn is a centralized corporate learning platform that allows businesses to deliver interesting and interactive training to their employees. With our robust course creation tools, you can create training courses in minutes. Motivate and engage your employees by rewarding them with points, badges, and awards. With our built-in analytics and reporting tools, you can keep track of all your learners’ activities.

Now is the time to schedule a demo with KloudLearn and receive free access for up to 100 people.


What factors influence employee engagement?

Job fulfilment Meaning and function. Culture. Working conditions. Career development opportunities.

What is an employee engagement strategy?

Employee engagement is a strategy for improving employee satisfaction through more positive interactions. It can happen in any way, from in-person to online.

What drives employee engagement and why it matters?

According to the study, a compassionate manager is one of the key elements that drives employee engagement. Employees want their bosses to be concerned about their personal lives, be interested in them as individuals, care about how they feel, and support their health and well-being.

How do you overcome lack of employee engagement?

Make a statement about your vision, mission, and values that will engage your employees and give them a reason to work to understand why the company does what it does. Begin at the top, aligning senior executives, leaders, and even board members with the company's vision, mission, and values.

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