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KloudLearn Security and Compliance

Data security and computer server network safety with a protection symbol of a lock with a keyhole
Data security and computer server network safety with a protection symbol of a lock with a keyhole

Kloudlearn operates with the highest level of Security possible to provide utmost protection to enterprises and their data on our platform.

KloudLearn is SOC2 certified (with an interim report) that has been provided after an evaluation of compliance with respect to SOC2 requirements. To enable this certification, we’ve engaged with a third party auditing company that has evaluated based on the SOC2 criteria set forth in paragraph 1.26 of the AICPA Guide on reporting on Controls at a service Organization Relevant to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy.

Kloudlearn also runs most of its infrastructure on Google Cloud – which has been rated as the Most Secure cloud platform among a host of other platforms.

Additionally Kloudlearn has provisioned a host of security infrastructure including and implemented several security best practices such as:

  • Encryption of all of its customer data in rest and in motion
  • Setup a ZERO trust security infrastructure with security controls in place that disallows any unknown activity
  • Automated vulnerability checks on the entire infrastructure
  • Frequent pen testing
  • Enabled audit logging by default on every action on the services
  • Enabled Web Application Firewalls, including DDOS protection,
  • Implemented a resilient service mesh,
  • Implemented an auto-scaled out kubernetes clusters – which is highly redundant application infrastructure that is not only resilient but also self healing,
  • Implemented access controls and RBAC,
  • Implemented Identity and Access Management, Authentication and Authorization APIs
  • And much more as a part of its preparedness to deal with security and DDOS issues.

Bug Bounty Program

We are also going to start a bug bounty program very soon to encourage external security researchers to identify threats much before it causes any harm. Please visit this blog again in a few weeks for updated information

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