KloudLearn Product Updates : November 2020


Kloudlearn is  excited to announce the launch of brand new features, updates and improvements. A lot had been added and made better. Just for you. 

Let’s take a look at what new features we have in store for you

KloudLearn Administrator

This update allows administrators to quickly group users throughout the platform in a single action. Administrators can now assign groups to learners, even before they are invited to the Kloudlearn workspace. Admins can create a separate Group column when grouping users. This update can help administrators save time for value-added activities for learners.

KloudLearn Workspace

This is a big  one. Our new update allows users to proactively and seamlessly access multiple workspaces at the same time. Superadmins can now empower collaborative learning and enhance training efficiency by granting learners access to new workspaces effortlessly.

KloudLearn UI

The kloudLearn courses interface is redesigned for a smoother and synchronized user experience across multiple devices. The streamlined user experience increases learning engagement by offering a more flexible way for learners to navigate their courses.

These were the major updates to the new features. Now let’s have a look at some of the smaller, yet important updates:

  • Administrators can now analyze learner’s performance at the group level.
  • We have now added advanced filter systems in KloudLearn, learners can now recognize and sort their training courses according to New courses, In-Progress courses, and completed courses.
  • The new and improved KloudLearn Course Creation interface has a brand new look and responsive design. Administrators can now preview and manage the contents of a training course from a single location.

We’re not done yet. KloudLearn has also made some core function improvements to make learning fun and interactive. They are listed as below: 

  • We have enhanced workspace creation to offer a responsive design and streamlined user experience. Now Users can quickly create new workspaces irrespective of whether they are new or existing users.
  • We have revamped the group section in KloudLearn. Administrators can quickly create and manage groups. Users can now be categorized into groups or branches of organizations. You can create groups manually or automatically.
  • KloudLearn mobile app has been redesigned to deliver frictionless and seamless learning experiences to users. Learners can even progress through their training courses while offline
  • We have fixed the assessment summary section. Administrators can now group, filter, and summarize training data at up to four different levels. 
  • Grading is now easier and better than before. Admins can quickly grade the users from the grading station and analytics now.
  • Mobile Experience of KloudLearn (m.kloudLearn and Android ) is enhanced by fixing Login and course completion issues
  • We have implemented Identity, Access Management, Authentication, and Authorization APIs, and much more as a part of its preparedness to deal with security and DDOS issues
  • Now, users can effortlessly log in to their different accounts in the same system.
  • We have resolved the dashboard issues. The admin and learners now have access to an interactive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • Badges assignment issues got fixed. Force Sequence of assets has been improved
  • Download option for video has been disabled

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