KloudLearn Product Updates : March 2021

Content Library

KloudLearn is excited to introduce you to new features and enhancements. The Exciting part is that implementation of Content Library on to platform

The following are the new features added to the Platform

Content Library 

The new design of the KloudLearn content library gives learners an enhanced, whole learning experience on the platform. 

KloudLearn’s content library offers you a wide array of high-quality training courses built particularly for your organization’s training needs.

The content library has hundreds of thousands of curated assets covering a wide variety of subjects like cloud computing, AWS, google cloud, Kubernetes, product management, project management, sales, marketing, and more.

Custom Field

LMS has been redesigned to enhance existing functions. with Custom fields, the Admins can segregate and Group users quickly. Admins can organize and segment vast amounts of data with limitless ability to handle organizational structures. 

This Feature enhances the admin to onboard the employees with fields such as Employee ID, designation, location, and more

New filters allow you to select which users and columns you view in the user’s list. Moreover, Admins can create any datatype for more organized, structured, and granular data management.

Not only have we added two new modules, but also we’ve introduced plenty of updates to help you better organize and track your progress on the platforms you want to use. KloudLearn platform has a completely revamped look and feel. The following areas of your LMS have been redesigned:

Screen Responsiveness

The overall UI Design is Revamped to give a better user experience for the user by providing a responsive fit for all screen sizes. In addition, all the cards are adjusted according to the screen size.

List View Enhancements

A new fresh design for the list view has been redesigned. Admin and super-admin can see the list view with images and new fresh designs.

Uploading Enhancement

The bugs with respect to uploading pptx have been rectified. The status of pptx is now shown correctly. 


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