KloudLearn Product Updates : July 2021


We at KloudLearn are excited to announce the latest version of our LMS, complete with new features, enhancements and improvements. THE BIG NEWS is that the KloudLearn mobile app  now available on IOS App store.

Mobile App (Android and iOS)

KloudLearn’s mobile application aims to deliver a seamless learning experience to users. Learners can access their course content easily on android and iOS phones. KloudLearn’s Mobile application provides all notifications regarding course assignments, course delays, reminders, and more. Learners can also now download their certificates with a single click from their mobile devices. 


Recommendation Feed

This new update launches a learning experience platform that integrates all the learning content like videos, courses, articles, projects, and more in one application. Administrators can empower their employees by offering them personalized learning experiences and provide impactful training across the entire employee lifecycle. 


We’ve started this July by adding some new features and improving our older functions. We believe they’ll help make your learning experience with us smoother and error-free. Below are the core function improvements we’ve made.

Document Viewer Enhancement 

The document viewer is enhanced for all file types like ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, and more. This enhanced feature allows your administrators to deliver consistent and engaging learning experiences to their learners and help them stay organized. 

Poster Enhancements

KloudLearn’s poster feature is enhanced so that it responds to user’s behavior and environment based on platform, screen size, and orientation. 

Course Agenda Enhancements

Users can now find the course information quickly by accessing the course agenda to see the course start date, due date, submissions, and more. 

News Feed

A fresh look for the news feed has been released. Administrators can give learners updates on their training, announcements, submissions, or polls. Furthermore, administrators can easily create meetings for their organization, and learners can join them effortlessly. Also, learners can see the certificates and badges of other learners. 


Now let’s have a look at some of the smaller, yet important updates:
  • Video Recording and screen recording UI is revamped for all resolutions
  • Zoom meeting schedule and editing is fixed
  • SMS invite is fixed
  • Multiple Question type scoring is fixed
  • Resource concurrency issue is fixed
  • Workspace creation for long domains is fixed
  • Special character uploading issue is fixed for all file types
  • SCORM user experience is improved
  • Data concurrency issue for CSV files uploading is fixed


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