KloudLearn Product Updates : April 2021


We at KloudLearn are excited to announce the latest version of our LMS, complete with new features, enhancements and improvements. The biggest of which is the integration of the Single Sign-On (SSO).

Following are the new features for the KloudLearn LMS platform:

Single Sign On

KloudLearn has now made signing-in an easy process. Users can login with a google account, that’s available globally. Users have to remember lesser usernames and passwords. Learners can now access training courses easily while reducing login fatigue. Improve Learner, device, and organization-wide security.

The Single Sign On(SSO) streamlines the entire process of logging in and accessing Training Courses. Users can now access multiple applications from one single account. Without having to create new accounts for new applications every time.  

KloudLearn Integration

Now access all your third party applications from one single place. Administrators can now easily manage and share data across multiple devices and departments. Use KloudLearn to empower automation, flexibility, and efficiency in the workplace.

KloudLearn Custom Fields

KloudLearn now also lets you create your own custom fields, add and map the users easily to onboard people. Administrators can onboard users on the platform in an easy seamless way. You can now add the details of your users in the custom fields. Administrators can now organize and segment data efficiently with this new update


Adding new features and improvements was not enough for us. We have some new improvements and fixed some small issues of the past to make your learning experience smooth and error free. 

Listed below are the core function improvements that have been made:

We’ve optimized the KloudLearn login to provide a more seamless user experience. Stay on top of your compliance policies and prevent any malicious activity on the internet.

We have modified the courses so now you can reuse previously made courses without any constraints. Maximizing your learning impact and reducing training creation time in the process.

Now you can get detailed login information about the workspace along with  correct login time stamps. 

You can generate valuable insights with the help of the search option in the user report. Understand the learning capabilities of your users and receive information on the course efficacy. 


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