KloudLearn LMS Announces its New Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Learning Experience Platform

Kloudlearn is incredibly excited to announce its latest product update with the release of its Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

KloudLearn’s LXP will help empower your learners by providing them tailored learning experiences that will help your employees build critical in-demand skills faster. Our LXP features will help you provide impactful training across the entire employee lifecycle- from onboarding to continuous learning. You can also build strategic skills taxonomies to align your workforce to business plans

The move towards an LXP

KloudLearn’s goal of becoming an Autonomous Learning Platform is to analyze learner skill levels, proactively upskill your workforce, and help align your Corporate Training initiatives with your business goals. 

We aim to provide an engaging “Netflix-like” User interface, with recommendations based on learner skill levels and AI-driven content recommendations. The LXP also accommodates any form of content, including articles, podcasts, blogs, micro-learning, videos, Training courses, and more via the KloudLearn Asset Library.

The KloudLearn asset library has over 200,000 training assets covering a broad range of topics such as Soft Skills Training, Compliance Training, Management Training, Cloud Computing, and more.

Kloudlearn believes that learners learn in unique ways across applications, devices, and platforms; we meet them all wherever they are because learning is beyond HR systems and content catalogs.  

What is an LXP?

A Learning Experience Platform or  LXP is a learning and collaboration platform that puts the learning in the learner’s hands rather than an administrator. The goal is to engage employees with the platform and the content using a personalized Training experience.

A Learning Experience Platform is employee-driven and ensures that your workforce enjoys greater control and can proactively choose what content they want to learn. Most LXP’s also have a seamless social learning feature, where users can even share their learnings and new content discoveries with their peers.

Benefits of using an LXP:

1. Higher Learner Engagement

KloudLearn’s LXP helps improve learner engagement via its AI-based content curation, which allows you to contextualize and personalize learning content. KloudLearn LXP can recommend Training content that is relevant to your job role and help prevent skill gaps. Moreover, Kloudlearn learning experience lets your learners connect with their teammates, content, and development experiences – which is crucial for your business. 

2. Personalized Training Content

KloudLearn, with its LXP functionalities, helps you go beyond traditional training delivery methods such as presentations and PPT’s. You can now utilize personalized, curated Training content such as articles, podcasts, links to useful websites and blogs, videos, and even user-generated content.

The KloudLearn LXP recommends content from KloudLearn’s vast Asset library. The KloudLearn Asset library consists of over 200,000 training assets that have been carefully built and curated for Enterprise Training.

The diverse collection of readily accessible and mobile-friendly courses from Kloudlearn have been carefully curated by subject matter experts and instructional designers to provide the highest-quality learning experiences to your workforce. The Content Library also includes several interactive elements like video-based courses, quizzes, and dynamic assessments.

3. Self Paced Learning

KloudLearn’s LXP helps you offer a continuous learning experience that the learner controls. That means they are not passively waiting around for training to be assigned to them; instead, they can engage in proactive self-paced learning. KloudLearn’s LXP provides learners individualized content recommendations via their personalized learning feed. 

Kloudlearn experience platform empowers self-paced learning by boosting learner engagement and motivation. You can give feedback to your learners, track their progress, and enhance participation by rewarding your learners with badges, points, and certificates on the successful completion of their online training activities. 

The business environment is evolving faster than ever before; therefore, skill development is vital to keep up with the pace of change.

By combining the leading learning technology with user-centric design, and a smart, intuitive UI, KloudLearn, aims to help you provide engaging enterprise training that will boost business performance.

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