KloudLearn Announces Next-Generation Autonomous Learning Platform

KloudLearn announces Next Generation AI-Powered Autonomous Learning Platform that combines LMS (Learning Management System) and LXP (Learning Experience Platform)

El Dorado Hills, CA, United States & Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:  KloudLearn, the innovator in Learning Management Software, today announced KloudLearn’s next generation Autonomous Learning Platform (KloudLearn  2.0)

KloudLearn’s new platform is an AI-Powered Autonomous Learning Management platform. KloudLearn builds on the core tenets outlined in Harvard Business Review (HBR) on “The Future of Leadership Development” [Mihnea Moldoveanu and Das Narayandas] and addresses systemic challenges that impacted earlier generation LMS platforms. KloudLearn leverages the following core 4 capabilities in order to deliver a Personal Learning Cloud [PLC] to provide a personalized, social, contextual and managed solution. 

  • Personalized- KloudLearn delivers personalization at a “1 to 1” level so consumers (Employees, Students) can pursue the skills development program or practice that is right for them, at their own pace, using media that are optimally suited to their particular learning style and work environment.
  • Socialized – KloudLearn facilitates formation of teams and cohorts of learners who can collaborate in order to develop new skills and capabilities.
  • Contextualized- KloudLearn enables people to pick up knowledge assets that are pertinent to their jobs and one that they can immediately apply so that there is positive ROI for employee and employer.
  • Managed – KloudLearn is instrumented with an AI-engine whereby pertinent learning outcomes can be transparently tracked, credentialed, managed and monitored to deliver ongoing value to employer and employee.

KloudLearn’s Autonomous features include

  • Skill based learning where Learners can target to learn on specific skills and skill levels based on their career goals.
  •  KloudLearn will automatically recommend content based on their requisite skill levels so that they can address skill gaps.
  • Integrated Zoom web conferencing and one click meeting integration, recording and publishing.

Standard Learning Solutions include

  • Powerful Course authoring tools.
  • Extensive gamification features which make for a very engaging learning experience.
  • Rich analytics which allows learners and administrators to effectively track and measure the impact of the selected training programme.
  • SCORM compliance that facilitates 3rd party training content to be imported into KloudLearn.
  • Mobile Learning that facilitates a “learn everywhere” experience.

“KloudLearn 2.0 is a giant leap from earlier generation legacy learning platforms. The AI-powered Autonomous Learning capabilities deliver superior user experience while saving Learning and Development administrators of laborious administrative overhead. We are very pleased with the reception it has received in the industry and we look forward to catering to clients globally with their current and emerging learning needs,” said, Prashant Hariharan, Director of Marketing, KloudLearn.

“We have been very impressed with KloudLearn. Ease of use for Learners and streamlined administrative features makes it an integral part of our strategy to deliver a world class learning experience for our stakeholders,” said Christina Selestin, Learning and Development Manager, at Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, a client of KloudLearn.

KloudLearn is available free of charge for customer segments less than 100 users. For larger user groups, KloudLearn offers a graduated discount schedule. KloudLearn pricing can be reviewed here.

About KloudLearn

KloudLearn is an innovative provider of AI-powered SAAS-delivered Autonomous Learning Platform. KloudLearn leverages core capabilities in Personalization, Social Networking, Contextualization and Analytics in order to deliver a PLC (Personalized Learning Cloud). With operations in Silicon Valley, USA and Chennai, India and partners globally, KloudLearn supports Clients [Commercial, Educational and Government] and Partners globally. KloudLearn provides 24X7 Customer Support to its clients.

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