Webinar: How to use Gamification to Boost Learner Engagement


Gamification in corporate training is a process of integrating game-based designs and aesthetics to engage your employees, motivate action, promote learning and problem-solving. According to this survey, 95% of the employees feel more productive at the workplace, and 72% of the employees claim that gamification inspires them to work harder. Implementing gamification in corporate training motivates your employees and boosts their learning retention rates by 9%

The challenge for most SaaS companies is to keep their employees engaged and motivated in the online training. Even though eLearning provides a more familiar platform for employee training but if the employee finds the training material and resources boring and uninteresting, the process of learning remains a stiff struggle. But by introducing gamification in corporate training, you can easily make your training learning experience more engaging and interactive. Gamified learning keeps your employees more attentive and competent in the workplace by encouraging them to achieve their goals. 

Gamification utilizes the gamified elements and integrating them into the traditional learning process to upskill your employees and improve their information retention rates. According to the study of the University of Colorado, employees trained on gamification learned more factual information, scored higher in skill-based assessments, and retained information longer than employees who learned in less interactive environments. Adding Gamified elements in your eLearning strategy benefits your workforce in numerous ways such as:

Join the KloudLearn team in a quick 30-minute webinar for a lively discussion on Gamification in Corporate Training.

Our Agenda:

  • What is Gamification
  • Low Engagement & Low Motivation- Corporate Training
  • Gamification and Corporate Training- Boost Engagement, participation/motivation
  • Extrinsic motivation
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Gamification and social learning

Meaningful Learning can happen anywhere.

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