Extended Enterprise Training

    In today’s competitive market, companies cannot rely just on their internal employees. They also need to rely on their extended enterprise to help reach their goals. Educating your partners and customers on your products or services will help them to better sell your offerings, driving revenue for your organization. Providing extended enterprise training is vital for any organization to remain competitive.

    Extended enterprise training refers to the training of customers, users, partners, vendors, contractors, and other non-employee audiences on their products and services.

    It is said that providing enterprise training maximizes 37% client retention. That’s why many organizations have already taken the step to implement an LMS in their training strategy.

    Let’s learn what is extended enterprise training and its benefits .

    Infographic on extended enterprise training

    An extended enterprise LMS platform can help to allow organizations to create different environments with training content that is relevant for specific groups.

    Different types of extended enterprise training.

    The company can offer various types of enterprise training to their audience. Here are some of the crucial training that companies deliver frequently.

    Partner-based training 

    Educate your resellers, dealers and agents, franchisees, contractors, and consultants more about the products and services. This helps drive more revenue for your organization.

    Customer-based training.

    Companies can help customers by providing knowledge on their products and services to use them efficiently.

     From the above infographic, you can understand the benefits and create an opportunity to implement this training in your training strategy.

    An Extended Enterprise LMS Platform can also support in managing multiple contents and create numerous sub-platforms with unique sub-platform. Sharing content across different platforms is easier with an extended enterprise LMS. This prevents you from rebuilding your courses from scratch.

    Kloudlearn will help your company to deliver impactful and engaging training with a robust Learning Management System. You can easily create interactive training content with a built-in powerful course authoring tool. It boosts employee engagement and collaboration through gamification and social learning.

    If you are looking for a robust LMS that comes with a free content library to help you offer effective extended enterprise training, Schedule a Demo today!

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