5 Essential Elements to Incorporate in Your Online Sales Training Program

Sales Training Programs

Sales are more than just flashy product pitch presentations and expensive client lunches. There’s more nuance to sales than we realize. Many sales executives end up failing to meet their targets before even meeting the customer. But with the right sales training program, your sales executives can achieve their objectives and shine brighter in the organization. Following are 5 essential elements to incorporate in your online sales training program. 

Social Media Groups

No matter how much you try, there is no way you will be available for them at all times. Supervisors/managers have their own job targets and challenges, which consume their time as well. However, their sales teams also need advice and support to deal with any hurdles or obstacles when dealing with customers. This is the point where social media can be your savior. 

Social media tools help share ideas, tips, and suggestions to any query posted by an employee. Consequently, acting as an advisory and/or support system that benefits all employees in the organization. This can be enhanced further by inviting subject matter experts to conduct live sessions and training to improve their skills. An interactive learning session where sales executives can relay information and stories will help everyone gain insights into dealing with various problems and obstacles. 

Video Demos

A sales representative is expected to be well informed about the product’s features and benefits. Additionally, they should also know how the product works in real-time to explain the customer better. 

Your online sales training program should include a section consisting of product demo videos that show how the product functions. The videos should also include product maintenance tips so that these tips could be passed on to the consumer. This will make the customer more loyal and dedicated to your product. Furthermore, it allows for better customer pitch by the sales executive. Increasing the chances of closing the deal.


Many customers often have some amount of hesitation before buying the product. This usually stems from questions that they might not have asked occurred much after the product demo. To avoid any deal-breaker situations, design and develop infographics specifically addressing these hurdles. 

The infographics could be a one-pager explaining the product benefits. Or a Q&A that caters to the doubts and queries the customer might have.  You can improve these as more employees provide different queries, eventually making a repository of information to help close the deal. 

Skill Building Simulations

No sales executive has made it to the top without perfecting the greatest skill needed in sales. The art of negotiation. Furthermore, This skill also helps to develop your communication and persuasion skills. Your online sales training program should allow sales employees to develop and perfect their negotiation skills.

This can be achieved via interactive simulations. Simulations allow the sales employees to apply the skills that they have learned in a more applicative approach. Simulation sessions such as convincing customers to buy a product or cross-selling or upselling a product can help build negotiation skills. 

Self Assessment Programs

Many times, most employees are not aware that they might have a skill gap. This is where self-assessment can come in and save the day. Self-assessments help employees identify any gaps that might exist and consequently provides them the opportunity to work on closing those gaps.

Your employees will also appreciate the fact that the organization is helping them to develop their skills and are giving them the freedom to do so. Employees can also retake tests periodically to see how far they have come. To learn more, check out our blog on ways to enhance employee development.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned elements are some of the most important elements for your online sales training program. They aid in providing continuous support and identify areas of improvement. This helps in developing better sales skills and subsequently helps in achieving their targets. This, of course, helps the company achieve its revenue targets, further developing the company’s and the employee’s journey. 

With the right training partner, accomplishing the sales targets and designing sales training programs becomes a much easier and enjoyable task. KloudLearn can help you design your very own online sales training program that incorporates the above 5 elements.

Our analytics and assessment feature help identify employee capabilities, combined with our LXP feature, which gives every employee a unique learning path specific to their needs and requirements. To understand more how KloudLearn can make your employee training an easy objective, schedule a demo with us today. 

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