Employee Onboarding Software – 4 Essential tools every organization needs.

Employee onboarding software

“What employee onboarding software do we need ?”, is one of the most significant and major decisions the company has to make while planning a competitive policy for the same. However simple it may seem, it requires a little thought. 

While it is on the organization to decide the software to be used for the employee onboarding process, it also comes down to the team to discover the right toolkit that will help create an impactful strategy while at the same time deliverable too. 

Employee onboarding software options 

The present-day tech-savvy world offers a wide variety of options that help businesses to deliver a smooth employee onboarding process. We’ve mentioned some available tools below, Some of these tools can be used alone while others work as a part of the onboarding suite.

#1 An LMS 

LMS works by enabling you to deliver, manage and track the onboarding training process. Autonomous LMS like KloudLearn supports you to build engaging courses, set assessments, assemble resources, automate managing onboarding, and much more. As LMS provides excellent and efficient deliverables, it is called the heart of the onboarding process.

#2 An HR system 

It is a must for any company to invest in the best HR System if they haven’t done one. They manage and organize the onboarding process from paperwork to employee records. There are lots of HR systems in the market such as BAMBOO HR but it is down to the organization to select the best one for them. 

#3 Project management tool 

They help the team to plan the new hire onboarding process step by step and guide the team to set goals for employees to keep track of them being on their right track. To modify effectively there are various dynamic tools that help the needs of teams of various sizes and goals. By delivering onboarding into a project management tool like Jira — you not only make the process simpler — you also gain significant insights from customizable reporting, to the onboarding process going ahead. 

#4 Messaging software 

It enables users to create groups, allows them to view team processes, message histories, ask questions and socialize with peers. It provides a wide variety of options from content creation to process management to walkthrough software, it offers everything an organization needs.  Slack being so universal, office messaging software can be utilized to get your new hires up to speed. 

Let’s see some valuable steps to decide on a perfect employee onboarding software.


Final Words

KloudLearn LMS helps you achieve engaging onboarding training. You can instantly create interactive training courses using our built-in course authoring tool. With features like Gamification, Social learning, Skill-based learning, you can manage learner engagement and track their performance at individual learner and course level.

Also, you can host your online training sessions via our Zoom integration and offer your workforce a seamless learning experience with our mobile application. Sign up today for free and see how our sales training LMS can help you drive organizational results.


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