ECU Worldwide Selects KloudLearn to Power Its Enterprise Learning and Development


Cupertino, California, United States & Flanders, Belgium:  

ECU Worldwide, a  global leader in Logistics & Supply Chain services, has selected KloudLearn to power its Enterprise Learning program. With advanced autonomous learning features like an AI-powered recommendation engine, Gamification, Social Learning, and Blended Learning, KloudLearn is geared towards the next generation of employees; digital natives who learn best through a hands-on interactive multimedia platform. Additionally, KloudLearn comes with a range of powerful reporting and analytics features to help the ECU Worldwide HR teams identify skill gaps , track employee progress, and certify compliance training requirements. KloudLearn is a next-gen autonomous learning platform, which combines traditional LMS functionalities with innovative LXP (Learning Experience Platform) features to empower employees with a highly personalized and engaging training experience.

ECU Worldwide is a Belgium-based pioneer in the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry, operating out of 300 offices in more than 180 countries and an employee strength of 3,600+ team members. With its motto of “ Synergies to simplify geography” ECU Worldwide, combines a deep knowledge of local markets and vast experience in global logistics aiming to deliver the best results for its clients. In addition, ECU Worldwide also provides a wide variety of value-added services and outsourcing solutions making them exceptionally competent in handling and transporting complex cargo to anywhere in the world, seamlessly.

 “Every decision we make is centered around our clients, and our customer relationships are truly the foundation of our business. Effective Employee training will help us improve business performance with an end goal to create a seamless experience for all our clients across the globe. We were looking for a learning platform that was innovative, collaborative, and engaging. Unanimously Kloudlearn came back as our provider of choice because of the great user experience, it was so easy to use and understand. Two things at the heart of what we do at ECU worldwide are to simplify the complexity in logistics and continually improve systems and processes so they can be efficient for our needs. Kloudlearn allows us to perform both of these functions perfectly. We are very excited to be partnering with KloudLearn in our goal to empower our employees with the best Learning and Knowledge management capabilities” said Nivedita Dutta, Regional Manager at ECU Worldwide

ECU Worldwide will use the KloudLearn Autonomous Learning Platform to enhance and optimize its employee training, by offering its workforce a personalized and engaging Training experience with:


By integrating learning content from multiple sources, recommending, and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), KloudLearn aims to help organizations deliver a highly engaging and personalized corporate training experience. The platform collects data from users with similar preferences to provide learning recommendations based on skills, competency levels, and more. This encourages self-paced learning which helps employees gain new skills effectively and stay current with industry standards.

Content Library: 

KloudLearn’s Content Library consists of a vast collection of high-quality training courses that have been built and curated for effective enterprise learning. The library consists of over 200,000 training assets that cover a diverse range of topics such as Compliance Training, Management Training, Sales Training, and more. This interactive Training Content will empower personnel with the knowledge that drives a better customer experience, improving KPIs across the organization.

Gamification & Social Learning: 

KloudLearn’s built-in gamification feature will assist ECU Worldwide to increase learner engagement and motivation by awarding points, badges, and certificates based on participation in the system. This will  increase learner performance and stimulate friendly competition, thus encouraging employees to complete more courses and improve overall course completion rates.

Reporting and Analytics: 

Kloudlearn powerful analytics and reporting feature will enable ECU Worldwide to track progress and measure the impact of their training program in real-time. Administrators can easily gain actionable insights by analyzing training performance at the course level and individual learner level.

“Learning technology has been a critical tool for driving progress, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, as organizations shift to align with the new demands of remote work and develop business recovery initiatives, a reliable ecosystem for managing talent and learning is more important than ever. Kloudlearn is honored to support and collaborate with ECU Worldwide to provide our client and their employees with an agile cloud-based eLearning solution that will allow them to adapt, evolve and most importantly, continue to learn in the flow of work.” said Prashant Hariharan, KloudLearn.

KloudLearn is delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) to clients globally.

About ECU Worldwide

ECU Worldwide, a global leader in Logistics & Supply Chain Services with a presence in over 160 markets and is the world’s largest less-than-cargo load (LCL) consolidator. Founded in 1987 in Belgium, ECU Worldwide (erstwhile ECU Line) is a global leader in NVOCC services. Backed by a rich legacy, passion, and agility, ECU Worldwide has brought in world-class innovations in LCL (less than container load) and set several benchmarks in the Logistics industry. Led by a strong management team, ECU Worldwide has a strong foothold at 300+ offices in 160+ countries, offering LCL and FCL services across the globe. ECU Worldwide offers a wide variety of value-added services and outsourcing solutions in handling and transporting complex cargo to anywhere in the world, seamlessly. 

About KloudLearn 

KloudLearn is a NextGeneration LMS platform. KloudLearn combines traditional LMS features and LXP (Learning Experience Platform) capabilities to provide users with Autonomous Learning capabilities. KloudLearn offers comprehensive capabilities in the areas of Content Library, Course Authoring, Gamification, Social Learning, Analytics, and Reporting. Furthermore, KloudLearn’s AI-powered engine delivers dynamic content recommendations facilitating Autonomous Learning. KloudLearn is cloud-delivered in a SAAS (Software As A Service) model and is available globally.

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