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Importance of high-quality content in employee training

Employee training is critical for any organization. Organizations upskill their employee to match the latest technological trends and help them move along with the world and keep the company’s growth stable. 

Organizations often perform a detailed study and understand what skills are lacking in the employees and try to find the answer to the million-dollar question – ‘who needs what training?’.

Such organizations conduct a skill gap analysis study for every individual and team and understand how these would affect their performance. 

If an organization builds a course from scratch, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. This is where Learning Management Systems like KloudLearn help as it has a wide content library. This will help with your content needs. Remember – To train the employees quickly and efficiently, ready-made training is the best way to move forward. Let us understand how.

Why ready-made courses are good for training employees?

Online ready-made courses may add several benefits to the employee training program, irrespective of whether it is a standalone training program or a training program that supports your existing training model. Here are the five most important reasons why an organization should choose ready-made online courses – 

  1. Reduced training costs

One of the main reasons for an organization to opt for ready-made online courses is that the cost they will incur will be way less than the cost of creating a course from scratch.

To create an employee training course from scratch, the organization should primarily make a list of needs of the team, plan the content based on the research and find the key performance capabilities that need improvement. Subject Matter Expert must be hired to prepare the content. Finally, all the content must be organized and the organization must divide the courses into small pieces and upload them to the LMS.

This whole process is time-consuming and costs a lot. On the other hand, ready-made courses are affordable and require less labor time. Since content is already in LMS you save a lot of time. The best part is there will be no delay in starting the course which is good for improving the KPIs in no time.

  1. Bring More Expertise to the training

The content for an employee training online course should be highly informative and filled with relevant information. If that’s not the case, then the training is not worthy enough and would waste the time of employees of the organization. It is difficult for an organization to find a subject matter expert and ask him to create a tailor-made course for them. When you need multiple courses, things are even more challenging as you have to find multiple subject matter experts.

The organization might be filled with employees who can provide inputs for the course. They may even provide content for the same. But there will always be some knowledge gap and fluctuation of quality if content creation is not their primary job. The employees would also lack knowledge on the latest topics.

LMS like KloudLearn, on the other hand, has a huge content library that is written and scrutinized by various subject matter experts.

  1. Help Employees retain the attention

Any employee will be overwhelmed when asked to take in a lot of information in a short period. As the training process keeps gets longer and harder, employees might face burnout and difficulty in retaining information. Online training courses must be smaller in size to be effective. The organization might have plenty of content in the form of lengthy PDF and Manuals. But how would you go about splitting them into training courses? There is where ready-made courses can help. In this, the length of the course will be known beforehand so that you can manage the training process better.

As a general tip, each video in the course should be made for about 3-5 minutes.  Grouping multiple videos like this will reduce cognitive load and motivate the employees to finish training and use those skills in the workplace.

  1. Focus on Soft Skills

A report published by tech giant Dell Technologies has said that about 85% of the hard skills that are needed in 2030 hasn’t been invented yet. Hard skill training is a necessity for training employees but its scope is limited. On the other hand, soft skill training is important when it comes to staff training. Soft skills are often not given much importance but skills like positivity, creative thinking, communication, and adaptability provide high returns to the organization and aid its market growth.  

There is so much soft skills content that is readily available in LMS to train your employees at a go and keep your organization equipped with skills to stay strong in the future.

  1. Stay on top of industry trends and needs

There is a new development every day which needs to be learned by the employees. An organization should look and compare the performance metrics to know the engagement of the course and how has KPIs changed. This can be done once in six months or once a year to make sure content and training are relevant.

Various industries have to update their course in different timeframes as per the industry’s growth. Doing all these is wise and necessary for the organization’s growth but it is a tedious and lengthy process. Instead, if the organization chooses ready-made online courses the LMS content library would be automatically updated with the latest courses as per the market trend. 


Choosing ready-made online courses will save the organization a lot of time, effort, and money which can be utilized for other important aspects of the business. Through top-class ready-made online courses, the top management in the organization can be relieved that the employees are getting trained by the best of industry experts. To know more about how you can do this, contact KloudLearn today. We are eager to kickstart your training process with world-class content.

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