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Today, we have attained another feather in our cap by offering all our users the ‘Certificates’ features. Certificates, like badges, are a reward mechanism offered to an individual upon completing a course.

Why did we introduce Certificates?

You may be wondering, I am not a certifying body, so how will my learners find certificates useful.  Here are some reasons why we believe that your learners will love our certificates feature even if you are not a certifying body –

1) Certificates give learners a sense of accomplishment

Certificates give learners a sense of accomplishment and is proof of their hard work. This motivates them to enroll in more courses. For the existing course, certificates serve as a final goal to achieve thereby motivating them to complete the course faster.

2) Certificates help the learners to progress in their careers

It doesn’t matter whether you are a certifying body or not, certificates issued by you indicates that the learner has completed the course and passed all the assessment set for that course. This can be added to their bucket of skills and can be used by them to portray their capability to the industry in that niche.

3) Certificates add credibility to the learners

A hiring manager will always give the benefit of doubt someone with certificate over someone without it, even if both possess the same skill. This is mainly attributed to the credibility factor that is brought out by the certificates. Certificates bring in a certain level of credibility to that person about their skills especially when it is certified by a well-known organization.

How certificates work in KloudLearn?

KloudLearn empowers all the course creators to create certificates using an inbuilt user-friendly tool.

Through this tool, you can choose

  • Your certificate template. Replaceable as a background image in case you’d like to use your own template.
  • Customize the text in the certificate along with a digital certificate and a personalized logo.
  • Select a certificate that will be automatically issued upon the completion of each individual course.
  • Set the template globally to apply to one or more courses.

Certificates are then issued automatically upon completion of the courses and posted on the groups where the course was assigned.

Did you like our certificate feature? Want to know more about it or give us your valuable feedback? Write to us at 

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