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LMS in retail

The retail industry has been reported as one of the fastest-growing segments in developing markets of the world, generating nearly 8% of employment in India, according to a Forbes report, as the year of digital discovery. 

How Kloudlearn can help with retail LMS solutions for large retailers in meeting their training challenges?

Bring your entire team together with a single KloudLearn LMS

Kloudlearn will help your retail industry to survive successfully in the challenges of today’s business world. Retail Industries should use KloudLearn as retail LMS software to train employees on how to use sales collateral, acquire product tutorials, and participate in knowledge exchange. (kloudlearn helps you deliver training across different verticals of your employee lifecycle including employee onboarding, sales training, product training, compliance and so on) 

Major Threats in the Retail Sector

The retail industry is constantly changing, and there is a rising necessity to minimize costs and improve operational efficiency by using retail LMS.

  • The most common problem for retailers is high staff turnover. Employees in the retail industry are more mobile, which means they come and go frequently. As a result, conducting an online onboarding training programme is critical to increasing employee retention rates.
  • Another problem is a lack of knowledge about advancement opportunities in the retail industry. Employees find it difficult to track their progress, which leads to them leaving before fully exploring their work profiles.
  • The budget constraint for training is an issue that everyone in the retail industry can relate to. Training takes time to plan, time to deliver, and time away from employees who already have a lot on their plates.

Identified Barriers specific to the learning of retail employees

Retail Lms

How are the Retail Sectors using technologies today?

The best part is that retailers are starting to be using learning technologies for a wider range of purposes than they have in the past. With many clients in the retail sector.

Similar to Kloudlearn LMS customers in other industries, retailers utilize their LMS to deliver fundamental learning programs for onboarding, compliance, product knowledge, and sales skills. Most likely, this will continue to be the case. In the meantime, new business opportunities are emerging as businesses discover more ways to harness the power of the LMS platform.

Managing key learning programs and taking care of a management operation is a crucial part of a successful learning program. And many customers are developing separate sections of their LMS to house resources, tools, and activities that managers require.

KloudLearn’s Solutions for Retail LMS

Induction training

It can be time-consuming and expensive for retailers to train thousands of new permanent and seasonal employees each year.

Gamification can help new employees learn about a company, the values it holds, and the products it offers. KloudLearn LMS helps with the incorporation of engaging scenarios. For example Course Completion using badges, certificates, points. Gamification could also help new employees better understand how the organization approaches different challenges on a daily basis.

Product knowledge

A retailer constantly has to deal with new product lines, and it can be difficult to keep track of these changes. 

KloudLearn’s built-in course authoring tools make it possible for you to create engaging and interactive courses. Updating the products training on time also offers a cost-effective way to stay on top of constantly changing technologies.

You can also conduct virtual and instructor-led training sessions using Zoom Integration.

To learn more about our solutions for the product knowledge training please visit our blog.

User Analytics  

The retail workforce tends to be relatively young and mobile, which means employees come and go frequently in large numbers.

Kloudlearn’s interactive dashboard and pre-built training reports will help you keep track of each employee’s training records.

Top tips for Retail by KloudLearn

Are you responsible for learning and development in a retail organization? How can you ensure that you make the most of the technology available to you?

Here are some tips from industry experts on how to set up Kloudlearn LMS as part of a learning strategy for retailers.

  • A course’s audience-based visibility is crucial if you manage multiple groups and organizations, and you want learners to see only courses relevant to their organisation. With KloudLearn LMS, you can assess the effectiveness of your training program at the course level and individual user level. 
  • Employee training in the retail sector can be accelerated by compensating employees for their training time. Also by offering financial incentives, rewarding employees for their efforts, and providing career overviews.
  • As retailers, you can give your staff varying access options to the LMS, especially through mobile devices.
  • You can create great scenario-based learning with a few great authoring tools. E-learning is now able to go beyond text-dense learning to interactive modules. Where people can put their skills into practice before they hit the retail floor.

About KloudLearn

KloudLearn is focused on enterprise-grade Learning Management Systems. We at KloudLearn assist you in delivering effective and engaging enterprise training through its learning management system. Learners will engage and achieve a higher completion rate with gamification, certificates, and badges. KloudLearn lets you track and analyze training performance with pre-built reports and dashboards. We can help you achieve your business growth goals and employee training goals. Contact us today for more information. 


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