11 Free Remote Work Tools for you to use in 2021

Free remote work tools 2021

Remote work is now an ordinary aspect of our lives. What once seemed as an impossible scenario, has now become a norm. 2021 and the near future also seems to symbolize that remote work is here to stay. However, remote work in 2021 is not without its challenges. To help you with those challenges, there have been many free remote work tools available that you can use with no additional charges.

Listed below are 11 free remote work tools in 2021.

Project Management Software

This one is specifically useful for employees in the management consulting or Information technology domain. Nevertheless, it can be used by anyone else who feels that they have a need for it. In projects, there are many tasks that need to be accomplished, and in a particular order. There is a workflow that needs to be followed which is also time dependant.

Here are some of the free project management software that you can use:

Video Conferencing Software

This one is a no-brainer. Video conferencing apps and software were the first tools to rise in popularity. It allows to connect with various members of the team, giving a sense of a workplace in a virtual way. Watching your teammates during team meetings, seeing their expressions and gestures help in having better communication.

Zoom of course, is a well-known tool. But there are other various free work remote tools that can be used. Some of the best ones are listed below.

Mind Focus Software

It is natural for the mind to get diverted from work. Especially in a work from home setting, the human brain sometimes idly starts drifting towards distractions such as social media sites, or any other software or apps can reduce work time efficiency.

Fortunately, there are applications and extensions available that allow you to temporarily block certain sites and applications or they limit the amount of time you spend on them

Listed below are some of the tools you can use to avoid getting distracted.

Online Office Suites

Most office suites have been migrating from full-fledged installed software packages to online apps. Microsoft Office Online and Google Workspace are some of the prime examples. It is easier to share files with other members of your team and have faster real time edits. Other than these major choices, there are other free tools that can be used.

Remote Desktop Applications

Remote desktop software help connect you to computer in another location securely. This is a useful way to access computers or systems that are at some other locations. Many devices have specific software that can be run only form the device that it was installed into. This is where remote desktop applications come into the picture.

Microsoft has an in-built system called as Remote Desktop Client. TeamViewer is also a popular app which can be used. Chrome Remote Desktop is another useful extension. Other than these, there are few more apps that can be used.

To-Do List Applications

Many people use Gmail notes to keep a to-do list. Some make the use of spreadsheets. And some still follow the old-school method of writing with a pen and paper. However, the use of having a to-do list is a very important one. And below there are some of the free tools you can use for your remote work.

Team Chat Software

During remote work process, communicating with the team is important. You may need to communicate with either one or more members of the team and different points in time. Instead of wasting time to set up calls or meetings, the best way to communicate is via messaging apps. They allow for asynchronous communication for official work related conversations

WhatsApp is naturally the best and the most common app available. But if you would prefer to keep your official communication line on a separate platform, then you can consider the below options:

Automation Tools

Remote working already starts off with added advantages. There are lesser office distraction and you can avoid unnecessary meetings. Automation helps you to make your productivity even better. You can cut down the repetitive tasks, thus allowing you to focus on the other important aspects of your work profile.

Text expansion tools are also a good example. They help you cut unnecessary time while typing mails and messages by having common replies or snippets of text readily available. In some cases, even the date and time is entered automatically, speeding up time. Some of the useful free remote work automation tools you can use below are:

Screen Sharing Apps

Screen sharing helps to show team members your desktop and the file being currently accessed. This allows them to see your work progress in real-time. Thus allowing for suggestions and corrections wherever needed. Zoom and Google Meet are of course the best one available out there, but there are other free tools also available.

Some of the best free tools that help you in your remote work are listed below.

Security Tools and Apps

Information security has become even more important in the span of one year. As remote working is becoming increasingly common, data protection has also become a bigger necessity. As many employees will be accessing sensitive data on unsecured devices over unsecured networks, the need to protect the data is imperative for organizations. Cybersecurity is one of the most important element for organizations in the modern world. Check out our blog on why cybersecurity is important for more details.

In this section, we will discuss on the types of security tools that you will require for your remote work. As there are many facets to security and there is no one-app-fix-all available in the market.

Online Backup tools

The requirement to back up your data and files, and to ensure that your passwords are secure, are as important as drinking water. Backblaze is a great app for this requirement. Other apps that you can chose from are:

Password Manager Tools

With so many tools and portals and so many passwords for almost each of them, it has become very difficult to maintain and remember all of them. Also saving the password details on an unsecured network makes it easier for hackers to steal that data and create havoc.

Password manager tools helps you to avoid all those threats. These apps store all your unique passwords into a single encrypted file which can be accessed only by you, by entering a password. As a result, now you have to remember only one password instead of several. Some of the free tools are mentioned below:

File & Drive Encryption

These tools encrypt and scramble your data. So that even if someone hacks into your system, they will not be able to read the files without the encryption key.

You can use Window’s built-in tool BitLocker or Mac OS’ FileVault to encrypt your drives entirely. These can protect sensitive information such account details, client data, company information etc. you can use some of free encryption tools mentioned below

Virtual Private Network

At any point of time if you are using an unsecured network for important office work, use a VPN.  These networks create an encrypted tunnel for transmitting data. Thereby blocking hackers from accessing data while it is in transit. Without a VPN system it is very easy to track and steal data over unsecured networks. We recommend some of the free VPN tools listed below

Mind Mapping

Working remotely means that a lot of times you’ll be thinking and brainstorming remotely. In an office environment it becomes easier to brainstorm for ideas and solutions as multiple minds are working simultaneously towards a single objective.

One way to achieve this objective is to use online whiteboards to mimic the office whiteboard setting. Some of the best software for the same are:

Mind mapping tools help you to brainstorm and plan project in a visual format. Following are some of the best pics that you can use for free.

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