KloudLearn is pleased to announce the introduction of badges in our platform. Badges are the result of our relentless efforts to make KloudLearn, an Autonomous Learning Platform. Let us dive into the details.

What are badges?

Badges are digital rewards that are issued to a user when they meet a pre-set condition such as a particular value of points. One or more badges can be assigned to a learning group to make sure that every learner in that group is eligible for that badge upon hitting the milestone. Awarding badges in your online course is a way to acknowledge the achievements of your learners irrespective of how big or small it is.

Why are badges important?

We understand that the attention span of many learners is on the decline. We decided to help the course creators in reversing this trend through badges. We at KloudLearn, believe that motivation is crucial in e-learning because our learners are navigating their learning journey on their own and would need a push once in a while to reach a milestone. Badges help in this.

The second reason to implement badges is subtle competition. We strongly believe that subtle competition is a necessary motivator that brings about the best in our learners. People love games because it helps them to compete with others to prove that they are better than the rest. We wish to bring this very idea into learning that will help them to complete courses more efficiently.

How to issue badges in KloudLearn?

The first step is to create a badge. While creating a badge, you can give your unique text, a unique background image and assign a set of points to it that will serve as the target milestone to automatically issue the badge. You can use always use a pre-created template to create badges faster. Badge templates are separately created and can be used multiple times to create a different badge each time.

The next step is to assign a badge to a group. For example, a ‘UI Superstar’ badge can be assigned to the ‘Angular’ learning group of your organization. When any learner in that group scores the necessary points, he/she will be automatically awarded the badge.

To enhance competitiveness, all the learners in that group are automatically notified in the newsfeed when the badge is issued. The learner who was issued the badge will be notified through email, SMS and push notification in the app.

Some useful tips on how to issue badges

Ensure that every badge is created after you understand the purpose and the goal of the course. Identify the learning objectives and the corresponding skills that a learner will attain from completing that course. Map these skills to a badge as it makes it relevant and more valuable for the learners.

It is recommended to keep the points of the badges low in the initial days. This makes the badges more attainable and encourages participation. But make the subsequent badges hard to get as it will enhance the competition amongst the learners.

If you wish to know more about this feature or have any feedback about it, write to us at contact@kloudlearn.com. Our experts will get in touch with you in no time.

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