Zoom integration

    KloudLearn is incredibly excited to announce that we are now available on the Zoom Marketplace.  The integration with Zoom allows you to host webinars, online training sessions and Instructor-Led Training from within KloudLearn. Use Zoom to connect with your learners directly, creating a more engaging and personalized training environment. Extend your Corporate training program to cover subjects that require instructor-led training, physical demonstration, verbal exams instant feedback and more.

    Zoom Event Management

    The “Meetings” section under the Zoom tab in KloudLearn is the single planning centre for all learning activities. You can now easily instructor-Lead Training sessions, video conferences, webinars and more from within KloudLearn

    Image: Zoom Meeting Settings

    KloudLearn automatically invites users to an online meeting and notifies them about changes if there are any. Your learners will always be aware of which events are scheduled for the next week or month.

    How administrators can start or schedule Zoom Meetings?

    As an admin, you can start or schedule a Zoom meeting either from the zoom tab or from within the group feed

    1. To start a Zoom Meeting:
    • Navigate to Zoom > Start a Meeting.
    • Fill out the required settings including the date and time of your Zoom meeting.
    • Add Attendees across organizational groups

    Image: Zoom Start Meeting

    1. To start a Zoom Meeting from the group feed:
    • Navigate to Feed
    • Click on the More dropdown in the Group Dialogue Box
    • Select Zoom Meeting

    Image: Zoom Start Meeting (Group Feed)

    Learners can join a conference one of two ways: via a link in the invitation or directly through their social feed.

    Record Meetings for Future Playback

    Meetings are automatically uploaded to KloudLearn for future viewing. These recorded meetings are saved to the storage location of choice, including KloudLearn or Google Cloud.  With direct integration to KloudLearn, users have the additional flexibility for videos to be displayed, renamed, and managed from within the Courses Section.

    How administrators can record Zoom Meetings?

    To Record a Zoom Meeting,

    • Navigate to Zoom > Start Meeting
    • Click Advance Options > Setup advanced settings for the meeting
    • Select > Record Meeting > Cloud or Local

    Zoom Record Meeting

     Automatic Notifications 

    Send email notifications, invitations, and reminders to keep learners informed about training sessions and meetings. All your learners are automatically notified through emails when you start or schedule the meetings. Additionally, learners are also notified from within the KloudLearn Group Feed for easy access.

    How administrators can send Automatic Notifications?

    To send Automatic Notifications for Zoom Meeting

    • Navigate to Settings > Alert Settings
    • Click Zoom Notifications
    • Choose the preferred combination of automatic notification either through Email, push notification or SMS.

                       Image: Zoom Meeting Notifications

    Get in touch with us

    Contact us to know more about the Zoom Integration feature. Or write to us at info@kloudlearn.com.

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