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Creating engaging and informative online training course content is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks for any Learning and Development Manager. Additionally, it is also extremely painstaking to ensure that all this Training content is relevant, up-to-date, and revised with the latest information. 

Introducing KloudLearn Content Library

The KloudLearn Content Library is a collection of high-quality training materials that have been built and curated for your organization’s general training needs.

The content library consists of modules such as Soft Skills Training, Compliance Training, Leadership Training, Management Training, Cybersecurity Training, and more. All of this wide range of skill development content is specially designed to drive learner engagement and improve Knowledge retention.

The Course Catalogue has a diverse array of Training resources that are updated regularly. They are relevant to organizations across various industries, verticals, and domains.

The content library also has hundreds of thousands of curated assets focused on technical subjects – Cloud Computing, AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes in addition to Product Management, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, and more.

Why Kloudlearn Content Library?

The KloudLearn free content Catalogue enables you to get past the cold start problem to kick off training in your organization.

Click here to see the full list of content available in the Content Library.

How to access the Content Library:

As a Super Administrator or an Administrator when you are onboarding on to KloudLearn you will be able to sign up for the Content Library.

Select the Enable Free Content Catalogue option below in the Admin Onboarding Guide.

Enable Free Content Catalogue

To enable the Content Library at any point after onboarding:

  • Navigate to the Settings tab in your KloudLearn Toolbar
  • Choose the Content Library Settings

Proceed to use the Toggle button to Enable Content Library for the Organization.

Enable Content Library

As a Learner in KloudLearn LMS, to access the Content Catalogue please follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Courses tab in the Toolbar
  • Select Content Library
Content Library

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