Announcing: Assessment Engine

Assessment Engine

KloudLearn is excited to announce its latest product update with the release of a new assessment engine feature. 

Administrators can now effectively measure training progress and track organizational learning goals with the help of a variety of question types and assessment rules. You can now uncover skill gaps, improve course completion rates and offer feedback with minimal manual intervention while improving overall training effectiveness.

New features:

Question Types:

assessment engine

Administrators can now add several different question types such as Descriptive questions, Multiple choice questions, single choice questions, video responses, and more with just one click. This helps you Assess the capabilities and skill level of your employees across a variety of question types.


This new enhancement assists you to randomize the order of the questions in the quiz. Each learner will receive the questions in random order. This will prevent unauthorized collaboration and the ability to obtain exam questions/answers in advance.

Attempts Allowed:

With this feature, administrators can increase the limit on the number of attempts a learner can have to pass the quiz. This can help make the process of taking the quiz more of an educational activity rather than simply an assessment.


KloudLearn LMS allows administrators to set time limitations to complete the quiz for their learners. You can now set the opening and closing time period, within which the assessment will be accessible to learners. Administrators can also add a timer to the quiz which will force the learner to complete the quiz within the time allotted. A timer countdown will be displayed on the top right-hand corner of the quiz page. If the time elapses before completion, all un-attempted questions will be submitted as incorrect and no score will be allotted to such questions.

Pass Score:

This feature allows administrators to set a minimum passing percentage for quizzes that the learners undertake. This means the quiz will be marked as complete, only if learners achieve a score greater than what has been specified as the “pass score”. Additionally, learners can be eligible for gamification rewards like badges and certificates on crossing this score threshold.

Learner View:

As a learner, you will have access to the following quiz features with our latest assessment engine update:

Assessment Engine-KL

  1. Timer: Learners will now be able to see the timer set by the admin while completing the quiz.
  2. Attempt: Learners will see the total number of attempts left set by the administrator if they failed a quiz.
  3. Detailed Review Page: Learners can see the detailed review of all the questions they attempted and evaluate if they were right or wrong. 

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