Announcing: Custom Fields

KloudLearn Custom Fields

KloudLearn is happy to announce the release of the new Custom Fields feature.

Administrators can now add several new custom fields for user profiles.

This feature helps with more efficient user management during onboarding as Administrators can include multiple parameters like employee id, designation, location, and more.

The importance of the custom fields is based on its ability to create almost any datatype to categorize and organize a user’s meta-data. 

User data types can include:

  • Text Data
  • Numerical Data
  • Dates and more

Custom fields are an efficient means to sort and segment user data for large enterprises with vast organizational structures.

How administrators can access the Custom fields setting?

As an administrator, you can access the custom fields setting by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings in the KloudLearn Sidebar
  • Select Custom Fields
  • Click on the Add New Field button
  • Enter a Field Name and a Field Type
  • Choose the additional options- Visible in Filter, Visible in the Workspace
  • Click on Create
  • The New custom field will now appear in the Custom Field settings

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