Announcing: Course Agenda

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KloudLearn is pleased to announce its course agenda feature for all its customers. This feature is one of a kind that improves the accessibility of course information to the learners. Let us understand more about this feature in this post.

What is Course Agenda Feature?

Course Agenda is one of the advanced features launched recently in the KloudLearn platform. This feature gives a holistic picture of a course to the learner without navigating through the course. Some of the useful course details it covers are-

  • The skills that will be gained by completing the course
  • The total number of lessons in the course
  • The breakup of each individual lesson including the number of resources present in it such as quizzes, files, videos etc.

The course agenda comes up in the form of a popup to ensure that your regular flow in KloudLearn is not interrupted by any means.

Why was this feature introduced?

This feature was introduced mainly to give the learners a chance to look into all the essential course details right from the social feed. This feature is quite useful when multiple courses have been assigned to you at the same time.

For instance, if you are short of time this week, but you still wish to complete a course, then you can quickly look into the different course agendas in the course feed and choose the course that has minimal number of lessons. Or if you are looking to complete a course with specific skillset, then again you can just have a quick glance of different skills offered by different courses in a single click from your social feed.

In short, this feature was introduced mainly to enhance the convenience and accessibility of course details for all KloudLearn users.

How to access the Course agenda?

To access course agenda, all you have to do is –

  • Go to the Group feed
  • Choose your desired group

  • Look for the course whose agenda you wish to peruse

  • Click on the Agenda button
  • You will be able to check all the essential elements of the course

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