8 Essential LMS Features for Effective Corporate Training

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Today, technology has changed the way training is delivered by modern organizations. With the growing need to facilitate effective learning, organizations have started to invest in robust eLearning technologies to enhance corporate training effectiveness. As a result, organizations began to deploy Learning Management Systems to boost productivity, retention, performance, and ROI. With Learning Management Systems, you can deliver Corporate training effectively to your employees in various formats. According to this survey, 72% of the organisations see Learning Management Systems as a competitive advantage that allows them to grow in their industry. LMSs are essential components of corporate training programmes that will enable your employees to learn at their own pace with reduced training costs. Let’s dig into the crucial LMS features that will help you meet your training needs.

Top 8 LMS Features to meet your Corporate Training Needs.

The LMS features will vary depending on what your training needs are. For robust corporate training programme, the LMS platform should meet the requirements of a critical workplace. Let’s get started with the top LMS features to implement in your LMS training. 

  • Online Progress Assessment
  • Content Library
  • Single Sign-on
  • Gamification
  • Social Learning
  • Course Authoring
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Web-Conferencing 
  1. Online Progress Assessment:

Online Progress Assessments is one of the crucial tools for LMS training. The LMS training program should have a built-in assessment tool to keep track of your employee’s performance, your eLearning course’s effectiveness, and the organisation’s goals. With online progress assessment, you can take informed actions based on real-time information and make smarter training decisions. Whether through a quiz, formal tests or group assessments, your corporate training will be useful when you analyse and monitor your employees’ results. Additionally, you can boost your training ROI by keeping proper track of your learner’s progress and keeping up with your competitors. 

  1. Content Library:

Content Library is a collection of high-quality training content pre-installed in the LMS. The content libraries have thousands of courses covering a broad range of subjects, making it easier for the training manager to create a course and deliver training. Content Libraries are the catalogue of your training content that can be used for any corporate training. Creating training content in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. A LMS that comes with a built in Content Library can help you Save time and boost training ROI.

  1. Single Sign-on:

The LMS training program should allow your employees to access various corporate training content with a single id and password. It saves time of your busy employees by enabling them to navigate across the LMS platform conveniently. Today, most of the businesses are utilising the Single Sign-on (SSO) feature because of the number of benefits like:

  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Increased Learning Adoption
  • Time-Saving
  • Reduced IT Help Desk Costs

While providing corporate training, SSO makes it easier for your employees to access their training materials. This will help your employees to meet your training requirements more efficiently.

  1. Gamification:

Gamification is the act of using game-based mechanics and aesthetics to engage people and promote learning. Today, Gamification has become the industry standard for eLearning. As a result, organisations aim to deliver the training which is interactive, engaging and exciting. In simple terms, businesses are incorporating game-based LMSs to keep their employees motivated and competitive. Some of the essential elements of game-based LMSs are as follows:

  • Leaderboards
  • Certificates or Badges
  • Points
  • Keys
  • Collectables
  • Virtual Tickets
  • Rewards
  1. Social Learning:

Social learning is one of the effective ways to enhance collaboration and improve training participation. According to the Social Learning Theory of Albert Bandura, learning is a cognitive process that happens in a social context. It takes place through observation and direct mediation. It has been proven that learning is more efficient in the social environment. As a result, businesses began to deploy the LMSs with social learning as the learning retention rates are higher when learners learn by direct interaction and collaboration. Let’s have a look at some of the LMS features with Social Learning:

  • Discussion Forums & Communities
  • Informal Learning
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Content Sharing
  1. Course Authoring:

Course Authoring refers to software that enables you to create interactive and engaging courses relevant to your corporate training program. With course authoring tools, you can quickly create dynamic course content with high-quality videos and images. Organisations today, are investing in course authoring for their corporate training programmes for several benefits like:

  • Maximised Company Resources
  • Improved Employee Engagement and Participation
  • Improved Learning Retention
  • Reduced Training Time
  1. Analytics & Reports:

After having setup clear learning and development goals and KPI’s, a LMS Analytics system provides an HR manager or Training Admin  with critical information to better understand learner performance, engagement, course completion rates and more. Without this information, it will be almost impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of an enterprise training programme.

You can gain data-driven insights by analysing the training performance at the course and individual levels. Kloudlearn focuses on the two critical components in analytics and reports:

  • Measure Employee Engagement
  • Measure Course Performance
  1. Web-Conferencing:

Certain LMS providers also offer integration with Web conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more. Learning Management Systems with built-in  Web Conferencing tools allow you to offer Instructors Led Training, Virtual Class room training sessions, webinars and more. 

In 2020 (before the arrival of COVID-19) there were around 7 million people working remotely already in the U.S. In the last five years, the number of people working remotely has increased by 44 per cent. In a Future of Work survey of company managers, 78 per cent of the enterprises listed “flexible schedules and telecommuting” as one of their effective non-monetary ways to enhance employee retention. It serves as an important method to train remote employees while promoting collaboration, engagement, social learning and a personalized approach to training.

With Zoom integrated LMS, you can schedule all your sessions in one platform. Running training webinars without zoom integrated LMS can be very time consuming and laborious process. LMS zoom integration helps you bypass all the time consuming and chaotic steps of manually enrolling your learners in the session. Today, businesses are deploying Zoom Integrated LMSs because of the benefits like:

  • Simplified Webinar Process
  • Seamless Data Tracking
  • Automatically Notifications
  • Automated Recordings
  • Easily Schedule your Meetings

Why Choose Kloudlearn?

Kloudlearn will help your company to deliver impactful, engaging and interactive corporate training through a robust LMS. Kloudlearn makes it easy for you to create interactive training content with a built-in powerful course authoring tool. It facilitates employee engagement and collaboration through gamification and social learning. You can make smart training decisions by keeping track of your employee’s performance and training progress with prebuilt analytics reports. Maximise your company resources by hosting your training webinars through Kloudlearn Zoom Integration. Give your workforce a seamless learning experience with Kloudlearn’s mobile application. KloudLearn’s free Content Library provides you a  vast collection of high-quality training courses that have been built and curated for your organization’s training needs.

Kloudlearn is a cloud-based Learning Management System used for varied training programmes like Compliance training, Employee onboarding, External training and Employee training. To learn more about Kloudlearn’s comprehensive corporate training functions, Schedule a demo today.

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