3 ways to improve Training Efficiency with Mobile Learning[INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile learning

Most Companies nowadays have adopted a BYOD (bring your device) policy. This means that over 70 percent of working professionals tend to work issues using their personal mobile devices. In this article, we will share a few ways you can improve your training effectiveness through Mobile learning.

3 ways to improve training efficiency with mobile learning

The rise in micro-learning has coincided with an increased focus on mobile learning. Learners prefer microlearning as a way of managing time as it doesn’t require long time spans, such that anyone can take a short lesson in the interim between different activities.

According to this study conducted by Lynda.com smartphone learners complete course material 45% faster than those using a computer or desktop PC.

Mobile Learning or M-learning provides a seamless training experience that enables your employees to complete coursework at their own convenience across all devices. Even users with poor connectivity can access training courses at any time and at any place that has a Wi-Fi connection.

Mobile Learning and Micro-learning work well with innovative approaches like gamification and social learning. These new-school approaches to learning help improve motivation and learner engagement.

Mobile learning provides the flexibility to access training anywhere at any time. Whereas gamification is a self-paced training approach that encourages decision-making to reach an outcome. Legacy Training methodologies like Classroom style training had information pushed toward the learner, while these innovative approaches to training allows learners to pull information throughout the experience at their own pace, providing a more sustainable and enjoyable learning experience.

Younger employees and Millenials already view mobile devices as the default means to access any content. Corporate Training must evolve with the times and offer on-demand learning that lets users access training content at their own pace and on their own time. This will ultimately help them acquire the skills they need to be more effective and improve business performance.

KloudLearn provides a seamless and intuitive mobile learning experience that enables your employees to complete training at their convenience across all devices. To know more about how KloudLearn can help you enhance your enterprise training, get in touch with us here.

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