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    Gamification can be defined as the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity,such as sales,marketing,business process and training.

    Businesses use gamification for induction and onboarding, soft skills training, professional skills training, product training, sales training, and even compliance.

    Some of the key benefits of Gamification can include

    • Learners engagement and motivation
    • Help develop job-specific skills
    • Improves employee collaboration and Communication
    Gamification Benefits

    Steps to Implement Gamification into Corporate Training

    1.Setting the Purpose 

    You need to have a definite purpose, a goal that you want learners to accomplish. Without a clear-cut objective, the training program will fail to make an impression on the learners. Having SMART Goals for the training programs is the first step before introducing the gamification elements.

    2.Designing the Gamification into training Programs

    Effective gamification in corporate training occurs when the decision-makers are concerned with wholesome goal achievement and Sustainable process. The most significant benefit of effective gamification in corporate training is that it allows learners to interact, communicate, and collaborate with one another. It transforms the dull training process into a fun and rewarding learning experience.

    3.Motivating through Rewards and recognition

    Rewarding employees for completing tasks, badges, and Certifications by recognizing their effort to complete a training path can keep them engaged with the training program.

    Most human motivations are of two types intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Reward and recognition apparel to both of these types.

    4.Introducing Competitions to boost learners engagement

    By setting goals, or company-wide leaderboards, you can tap into the Competitive side of your employee’s nature. The Goal of gamification is to appeal to the competitive side of primarily self paced learners as well as those who like learning with peers.

    5.Engaging Learners using Storytelling

    Storytelling is a powerful and enduring means of communication that has widespread appeal. It crosses cultures and communities; 

    To learn through storytelling is to make meaning from experience, to communicate that meaning to others, and, in the process, learn about ourselves and our goals. Gamification when combined with Storytelling can make for a  powerful learning experience.

    To know more about how you can use KloudLearn to provide Gamified online training, click here.

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