3 Tips to create Engaging E-Learning Content [Infographic]

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Understanding why content is important

The internet is packed with tens of thousands of eLearning content. Learners today have several alternatives to search for the information. This means you have to create eLearning content that your learners find engaging. Providing your learners with structured and informative content will make them understand what they will learn throughout the course.

To ensure your content meets your learner’s requirements, content comprehension is the ideal solution to create engaging eLearning content. You can emotionally engage your learners and gain their trust by facilitating them with the right information about how the content will benefit them.

You can easily make your virtual learning experience more interactive and engaging by using state-of-the-art technology available today. The advanced features of technology like Learning Management Systems can easily strategise the learning content in an interactive way. In a world with high demand for engagement, let’s uncover the three key tips of creating an engaging eLearning content.

Infographics showing how to create engaging e-learning content

Content Creation- A few extra tips

  1. The Subject Matter Expert often plays a ‘behind the scenes’ role in content creation. Many courses won’t require SMEs to host live workshops or record video lectures. But a subject matter expert is a critical tool for creating good eLearning course content.

2. Ensure that the SME and content creation team read popular industry-specific blogs and niche content. By doing so, you can ensure that the content created is up to date and relevant.

3. Ensure that the content created is conversational and easy to comprehend. You can utilize techniques like Microlearning to improve learning engagement and retention rates.

Start an eLearning module with simpler content, then gradually increase the problem level until learners are ready to practice their new skills or knowledge.

This way, learners will build their knowledge at a pace that creates them to feel confident and rewarded for his or her learning efforts.

For example, the primary content during a module might aim to equip learners with a basic understanding of an idea , or the power to recall information.

So, include definitions and explanations, and maybe a couple of simple examples within the sort of notes or an infographic.

As the module progresses, you’ll create eLearning content that’s more focused on practice and opportunities for learners to measure their own learning. Here you would possibly try more practical content like quizzes with automated feedback.

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